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Benefits Of Hopper-Fed Powder Coating Guns

by M Sakhawat
Powder Coating Guns

Hopper-Fed Powder Coating Guns

One of the main benefits of a hopper-fed powder coating gun is its consistent application. While manually fed guns, often called gravity feed or cup feed, can dispense a very even spray pattern, it will sometimes fall short when it comes to spreading a consistent layer over an object. This is because the operator only has a few seconds to add powder, and when they do so quickly in an attempt to cover a larger area in less time, this slows down their control of the gun.

In comparison, when using a hopper-fed gun, there is no limit on how long you can spray for. So, if it takes a little bit longer to cover a larger area, so be it.This gives the gun operator more time to apply powder evenly and consistently with exact control, and when paired with a spray paint booth that helps control the environment the results are even better. The actual method of applying powder from a hopper-fed system is also much cleaner than its manual counterparts which can have issues related to static electricity and dust pick up.

When using a gravity feed system, the powder often falls through the gun’s flexible hose. This can result in messy build-ups of excess powder inside the tubing, and this creates issues for the user during cleanup. The hopper-fed system eliminates this problem by collecting unused powder into a small container that is easily removed, so it doesn’t get into delicate internal components of the hopper gun.

Also, a hopper-fed powder gun can be much smaller and lighter than its manual counterparts. Since the electric motor takes the place of your arm, it doesn’t have to weigh as much or need as large of a body. This makes it more comfortable for the user, especially when spraying for extended periods of time. This is because manual feed guns can sometimes cause fatigue and strain on the wrist, arm, and shoulder of the user.

A final benefit of a hopper-fed gun can be seen when you consider that these systems often cost less than the manual counterparts. While this may not always hold true depending on many variables such as manufacturer reputation and materials used, it is still a very valid point. The cost of labor needed to make a hopper-fed gun can be done away with by using an automated system. This leaves more money in the pocket of someone who runs their own business or allows for better quality control for someone working on a project without employees.

The overall benefits of this type of powder coating system are very helpful to anyone who wishes to purchase one for their business. This is why hopper-fed gun systems dominate the market over manual feed options, especially in larger productions facilities where output means everything.

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