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Benefits of Working for the Federal Government

by John Milton
Benefits of Working for the Federal Government

Usually, occupations are divided into private and public sectors. The work for the federal sector has advantages over the private sector. However, things are not as easy as it seems to be.  Even though applying for government jobs is similar to private job positions, there are some distinct differences.

First of all, ensure you have a special status which means you have the corresponding experience in the federal field, e.g. military veteran. Unlike the standard resume for private sector jobs, the resume for the public sector must be between 3 to 7 pages with a well-written cover letter. The government needs to review your qualifications before making a hiring decision thoroughly. Before starting to build application papers, you can check the federal cover letter example to make sure they meet the writing requirements. So once you strongly decide to work in the public sector, let’s check what benefits you can get.

Health Insurance

One of the greatest advantages of being a government worker is health insurance. There is a specific federal commission that offers a more extensive range of healthcare plans than any US employer. You’ll receive full health insurance. Besides, depending on the branch, you can get insurance for your family when you retire with zero personal costs. Moreover, the insurance covers the kids’ until 26 years old. However, the only disadvantage is that the federal healthcare program firstly gives superior benefits to retiree employees than those who are working. When you retire from the government position, you’ll receive social security benefits. It means you can still have health insurance at the same prices you have before retirement. Moreover, public workers retire earlier than those working in the private sector.

Job Security

The federal sector guarantees a steady income and job security and this is extremely important during challenging economic times. So there is less possibility for public workers to get fired than corporate ones. For example, while the private companies terminated the employees during the pandemic, the government supported the employees with payments.

 Vacation and Holidays

Talking about the advantages of working in the public sector, it’s worth mentioning the vacation and holidays. The point is that federal workers receive more paid days off than corporate ones. Furthermore, the government gives more sick days because it realizes that vacation plays a critical role in productivity.


Talking about the advantages of any job, it’s important to mention the salary. You’ll be satisfied to find out that the federal positions offer high salaries with the opportunity to go up the career ladder. Compared with the workers of the private sector, the public employees receive a comparatively equivalent or even higher salary. What’s even more, it’s never gonna happen that you get the salary with delays. No matter the situation, it’s always being received in time. 


Public organizations tend to provide their employees with additional training programs thus encouraging the staff to develop their skills. It is an extremely important part of any federal job which allows gaining the needed skills and experience to go to the career ladder.

Housing Advantages

For federal employees, there are apartments in government quarters where you can live for nominal pay or even completely free of cost. So when the private sector works can face some difficulties because of increasing prices for real estate, being in a federal position means you don’t have to worry about your places of living. Unfortunately, you can’t stay at that places after retirement.

Last View

When considering the public sector, you should take into consideration the advantages along with their disadvantages to make a decision. Once you decide on the public sector, you will get many benefits from the job. For example, you will have the opportunity to live almost for free in the government quarters. In addition, you will get life insurance even after you retire. And in certain sectors of the federal service, you can also get insurance for your family. Working with the authorities guarantees you a stable salary without delays. Compared to the private sector, employees in the public sector receive more paid holidays and sick days.

Of course, as with many other jobs, working for the federal government has its drawbacks, such as the employment process, which is quite long and demanding. Unlike a regular 1 page resume, you should write a resume of at least 3 pages for a federal position. The hiring process consists of several interviews, exams, and questionnaires. However, once you pass the application process, you are guaranteed job security even during economic crises, because the government rarely fires its employees, unlike the private sector.

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