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Best Activities For Virtual Team Building 

by John Milton
Virtual Team Building 

Do you feel that your employees need to know one another better to work better? Then you need to invest in virtual team building in Singapore! Virtual team building activities are widely available on the Internet to encourage teammates to know one another. Virtual trivia enhances their skills and helps them learn how to work with one another.

So here are the five best activities for virtual team building to ensure that your employees learn to work as a team. Let’s get started!

5 Best Activities For Virtual Team Building

Virtual Escape Room 

A heist has been arranged to take a large collection of jewelry. Before time runs out, you and your crew have to recover these items. As your team works together to discover hidden clues and face obstacles, the game will promote more cooperation, innovative problem-solving, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Virtual Happy Hour Trivia

Your host will make your team feel like they’ve just spent a great happy hour in the pub with old friends in this game. He’ll conduct two rounds of virtual pub trivia and have plenty of surprises in store for the various category possibilities. Your team will have a fantastic night at the bar with topics ranging from “Are You More Intelligent Than a 5th Grader” to Events and even Hollywood Real Estate.

The Feel Good Game 

The “Feel Good” game, an innovative card game using personal growth themes, now has a “self-service” alternative for virtual team building in Singapore.

This team-building game is unique. Here, the self-service model alternates between pre-recorded lessons and practice on Totem’s custom-developed all-in-one platform, allowing large and small teams to play quickly.

The game is great for –

  • Bringing together groups of people
  • Highlighting everyone’s talents and qualities.
  • Learning how to give good feedback and put it into practice.

The Team Quest 

You can’t go wrong with The Team Quest if you’re searching for a hilarious game with just the perfect rivalry! No matter how big or small your group is, you and your teammates will blast playing this entertaining game!

The specialized host will walk you through the entire event, crack jokes, and interact with every member of your group! You’ll have the chance to play some of our fans’ favorite games in The Team Quest: Expand your knowledge with Quiz and Buzz-In Challenges. You can test how much you know your coworkers with Fact Matching and show off your artistic abilities with Pictionary.

Virtual Murder Mystery Games

Here, teams will compete against the clock to uncover the mystery surrounding someone’s death. Your employees can brush up their communication skills, analytical thinking, cooperation, and problem-solving abilities while looking for clues and looking through research case files. It is a fun and thrilling virtual team building activity for the entire team.


The five games mentioned above will let your teammates come closer to one another and learn how to work as a team. It will encourage communication and foster deeper bonds. So what are you waiting for? Improve virtual team building in Singapore by arranging these fun games for your employees. All the best!

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