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Best Dog Grooming Tools To Pamper Your Dog At Home

by John Milton
Best Dog Grooming Tools To Pamper Your Dog At Home

Did you know that you can groom your dog at home with love and without spending endless bucks on their expensive grooming sessions? Moreover, if you are feeling a little DIYish and would like to take a break from those monthly/weekly grooming sessions, we have compiled just the list for you of the perfect grooming tools you must have handy for those perfect grooming Sundays. 

Read on to explore the best grooming tools you must have for your dogs-

Considering Dog Coat Type

You can just buy any tool for your dog. To buy the best grooming tools for dogs, you must consider the type of coat they have. If you have a furry golden retriever, you must be aware of the lengths you have to go to to keep the fur at bay from your rugs or carpets. 

And, if you have a miniature dachshund, you would have to consider the grooming tool that would go perfect with their sensitive and almost bare skin. 

In short, you would have to consider things like the length of the fur and its texture to choose the right grooming product. That being said, you must choose a tool that perfectly matches the texture of your dog’s fur. 

Best Grooming Tools For Your Dogs

While the right grooming tools usually depend upon the dog’s fur, weather conditions and activities, here’s a list of top dog grooming tools you must have. 

Electric Deshedding Tool

According to Kip’s Canberra pet boarding facility, de-shedding tools are Perfect for small and big dog breeds and cats, good de-shedding tools often come with a self-cleaning retraction action, making them perfect for helping you get rid of the excessive matted fur. 

Moreover, unlike a de-shedding comb, these tools come with blades that help you remove all fur in one go without causing any cuts on the skin. An electric de-shedding tool is extremely easy to use and saves time compared to a traditional comb, where you might have to spend hours. 

In fact, some tools also come with rubber bristles that are perfect for massage sessions and improve dermal stimulation of your dog’s coat. 

Bristle Brush

When choosing a bristle brush, make sure to go for the brush made with nylon bristles. This will ensure that the comb is soft on the skin and doesn’t cause any redness or scars. 

Moreover, a bristle brush is a must-have, especially if you have long-haired dogs, like a retriever. The brush will allow you to eliminate any dirt or particles from your dog’s coat and ensure that the oil has spread all over the coat. 

Rubber Friction Brush

Perfect for giving a perfectly comfortable bath to your pups, a rubber friction brush comes with rubber nubs, are soft to the skin and doesn’t hit a tangle. 

In short, you won’t have to worry about hurting your pup no matter how hard you use it. 

Slicker Brush

If you have a dog with a very thick, curly or matted coat, this is your best option. Made with fine wires placed close together, the brush allows you to de-shed your dog without pulling on those tangles. 

However, you must make sure not to scratch your dog with this tool as it might result in redness or scratches. 

Hound Gloves

Want your hands to do all the work? While brushes can be of great help, it’s true that they can’t reach everywhere. And, for this, you need a hound glove to give your dog a perfectly shiny coat. 

Just make sure not go to too harsh with this one. 

In A Nutshell

In addition to the tools stated above, you can also add your dog’s favorite shampoo, ear cleaner, paw balms, like CBD topicals, and sprays for a perfect grooming session. However, you must ensure to choose a tool that perfectly matches your dog’s breed and preferences. 

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