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Style your hair for every occasion with the best hair colours for men

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Style your hair for every occasion with the best hair colours for men

Who said hair colouring is exclusive to women? Men too can glam up their look with different shades of hair colour. A subtle brown to a pitch-black or mahogany, there is a perfect shade of hair colour for everyone out there.

You don’t need to have white hair to colour them. Today, people colour their hair to make a style statement. Hair colour is more of a personal choice now. People use hair colour as an expression of their personalities. 

Hair colours are for everyone, and they do not differentiate between males and females. If you are a man and wish to colour your hair red, then go for it. Similarly, if women want to flaunt pink or blue hair colour, just do it. Hair colouring is all about experimenting and having fun. 

Getting a hair colour sounds very exciting. But questions like what colour to choose, what will suit me, should I get a global colour, fashion colour, or highlights? It can overwhelm you a little. But do not worry. We are here to answer all your questions and help you find the perfect hair colour for your hair. 

What are hair colours?

Hair colours are dyes and pigments that help you to cover grey and white hair. People use hair colour to change their original hair colour, add highlights, or change the overall look. There are permanent hair colours that need a touch up every 5-6 months. Semi-permanent hair colours last for 2-3 months before fading out completely.

Things to keep in mind while buying hair colours

While buying hair colours, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

  • First of all, check the ingredient in your hair colour and see if there are any harmful chemicals in them.
  • Generally, people look for ammonia-free and natural products. Ammonia gives you a long-lasting colour, but it also strips your hair of its natural proteins. As a result, it can lead to weak and damaged hair.
  • While No Ammonia colours are suitable for your hair, they do not last long
  • The next important thing to keep in mind is choosing the right shade
  • Pick a shade that suits your skin tone and original hair colour
  • If you are still not sure, take advice from a hairstylist

Steps to Colour Your Hair at Home

At the time of application, make sure you follow the steps and procedures correctly. 

  • Select the shade of the hair colour  that you like 
  • Prepare your tools for colour application (colour brush, bowl, foil, towel)
  • Mix the colour in a glass or plastic bowl. Do not use metal bowls for mixing colour
  • Now  apply vaseline or lip balm to secure your hairline from colour
  • You can do a strand test on your hair and skin to check the shade and look out for any side effects
  • Continue if you see no side effects or allergic reactions on your skin
  • Now part your hair into different sections, take a few strands and start applying the colour from your roots till your ends
  • Apply the colour generously
  • After applying the colour, wrap the strand in foil and repeat the process for other sections..
  • Wait for the time that your box says, and then wash the colour using a colour-protect shampoo.
  • Apply a generous amount of conditioner 
  • And Voila!! You have your brand new hair colour.

Post Application Care

  • After applying colour and washing your hair once, avoid washing your hair for at least 72 hours.
  • Make sure to use a colour-protect shampoo for washing the hair
  • Do not wash your hair frequently after getting your hair colour
  • In case of emergencies, use dry shampoo.
  • Always apply a colour protect conditioner post your shampoo
  • Make sure to use a heat protection serum before heat styling your hair

 Best shades for every occasion

Some of the best shades of hair colour for men that can fit every occasion are:

Browns: Browns can fit every occasion and style. Browns give you a rich and classy look while not coming off as too bold, whether it’s a formal meeting or a wedding. They seem natural yet elegant and enhance your overall personality.

Blonds: Blonds also have a similar impact as the browns, but the lighter shade makes you stand out in the crowd. Blonds are not everyone’s cup of tea. They can look odd during formal events. However, they are great for young people and special occasions. 

Red: After Blonde and Browns, the most popular shade is red. Red is the rarest of all colours to appear in natural hair. That is why it attracts a lot of people. However, it fades away quickly and requires proper maintenance.

Greys: This hair colour is slowly gaining popularity. Now showing off the salt-pepper or grey hair is a thing that is trending.

Three different styles of hair colours

There are mainly three different hair colour styles that professionals and fashion experts like and love the most.

Global Hair Color: Global hair colour means colouring your entire hair right from the roots to the tips

Highlights: Highlights means colouring a few strips of hair in a lighter shade than the rest of the hair 

Fashion Hair Color: Fashion colours include purple, red, green, blue and all the other colours except for Browns and Blond

 Hair colour is a personal choice and reflects one’s personality. Choosing the right shade of hair colour and style is extremely important to enhance the overall look. Before you go for your next hair colour session, keep the above information in mind or plan to colour your hair at home. 

Hair colouring is all about experimenting. Try different shades, styles and see what works well for you. You can always mellow down or brighten up your hair colour according to your choice. Also, remember to take good care of your hair post colouring to avoid hair fall and dry hair. You can go for hair spas or oil your hair at home to deeply nourish your hair. 

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