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Interior designers share their best home decorating advice with Wet2Dry Solution for people under 30

by John Milton
Interior designers

When you’re in your early mid-twenties, you live in a state of constant change: new apartments! New neighborhoods! New cities! But as the twilight of a formative decade fades and a new, more stable era looms on the horizon, you probably want a more stable, stylish environment.

Home decorating tips may be needed: The hodgepodge of furniture you inherited from an old roommate just doesn’t fit your style. That bed frame from Craigslist you bought years ago with your graduate school budget has seen better days. And your artwork? It’s bland, impersonal, and unfortunately bought in the heyday of Millennial pink. (This writer can speak from experience, but she doesn’t have to.) “Turning 30 can trigger dramatic changes in our lives as we begin to realize our dreams, as we part with things we don’t enjoy, and as our true values emerge,” interior designer Candace Rimes tells Vogue. “While we shouldn’t feel pressured to have it all together, we do begin to feel more comfortable with ourselves and invest our time, money and energy more wisely.”

But how can we transfer our newly discovered sense of self into interior design?

Vogue made the decision to consult 10 interior designers for their advice on what everyone should know about home décor before they age 30. They ranged from the practical—people, get a tape measure—to the abstract. “Allow yourself to try new things! According to Justina Blakeney, “Our homes should be a representation of who we are, and since we are constantly changing, why shouldn’t our homes?”

Here are their opinions along with a general how-to for building the house of your more sophisticated desires.

Regarding Furniture Selection

“A terrific method to give your home a timeless appearance is to incorporate old items that you have inherited from friends or family or that you found at a nearby flea market. While trends are fantastic, vintage is timeless. Jungalow’s Justina Blakeney

“Be bold when it comes to mirrors. A mirror reflects light, enriches, and expands space, in contrast to artwork that tends to draw you in. As effective as a window can be a mirror on the wall. The bigger better when it comes to mirrors—so long as it is never wider than what it is hanging over. — Nick Gagne

“When choosing area rugs, keep in mind that too big is preferable to too tiny they are also charged like chemical waterproofing rate per sq ft. It will look out of place if it is too scant. A sizable rug can extend into adjacent areas while still feeling acceptable. A large rug can be cut in half, but a tiny one cannot be stretched. Always aim to have at least the front legs of all items sitting on the rug when choosing one for a seated area.

JAB Design Group’s Joe Berkowitz

“Spend money on furnishings and accessories made of natural materials. If you’re unsure of what to spend money on, reclaimed wood dining tables, side tables with marble tops, and rattan shelves are just a few examples of items that can last for years and that you can reuse in many settings. If you treat natural materials well, they will serve you well since they are robust and can withstand significant wear and tear which are highly recomended by some of the waterproofing experts.

“Showing off things can be lovely, but clutter ruins a room. Make the most of the available closet space and choose storage-friendly furniture, such as side tables, armoires, or other case pieces. Creating spaces to store items is crucial. Small, lovely bins on nightstands keep things organised. Or buying a couple lovely baskets to keep things organised often makes a space feel new. The Brooklyn Home Company’s Lindsay Caleo Karol.

Choosing a Wall Color

“A room’s colour might vary based on the time of day and the amount of light present. Always paint large piece of paper, 24 x 36 inches, and fix it to one of the walls of the room you plan to paint. This will assist you avoid painting a room in a hue that seems fine on the colour chart but looks horrible on the walls, even if it is painted by best painting services in Pune. In order to ensure that it feels nice to you at all those times, gaze at it at several times throughout the day, including the morning, the afternoon, and the evening. Martyn Lawrence Bullard of Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design

“Neutrals and textures will always be timeless choices for decorating or selecting paint colours. Do your research and take your time. Your environment will come to life when those neutrals are paired with dark accents. Given that colour trends fluctuate every few years, I prefer to use colour in my artwork and accessories. SLIC Design’s Sara Cukerbaum

Don’t whitewash your ceilings. I love employing a monochromatic colour scheme to give a space a unified mood. When the white is gone, the striking contrast to the walls is gone, and even strong colours become more subdued. -Nicholas G. Potts, architect and designer.

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