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Best Neighborhoods for Families in Vancouver

by Uneeb Khan
Best Neighborhoods for Families in Vancouver

If you are a family person, then you know first-hand that their safety is a number-one priority when determining where to live. Along with your budget, school systems, and other factors, knowing that your family will be safe and happy are also important.

All of the above are important to look at when you’re looking for homes for sale in Vancouver. Some of your best options can include the Dunbar Southlands, West Point Grey, and Renfrew-Collingwood. It will be important for you to do some research around the local areas before deciding where to live.

Dunbar Southlands

Dunbar Southlands is a quiet area with streets that are lined with trees and over-looks Vancouver. This area offers a more quiet style of living that moves away from the city life.

Dunbar Southlands has an affordable cost of living. One of the lowest in the area and they cater to children. That is actually one of the things that they are known for. There are many childcare facilities that you have to choose from when living there.

Some restaurants and cafe areas even have play areas to entertain children while you eat. You can enjoy your meal while knowing that your children are enjoying themselves as well.

The city has a low crime rate so that you can relax, knowing that your family will be safer in your new home. Safety should be one of your highest priorities. There are also multiple school systems to offer including St. George Senior school and Southlands Elementary School.

West Point Grey

You can find West Point Grey on the western tip of the peninsula. The area offers a scenic location and family-friendly living.

You can enjoy the sun while taking a swim at one or both of the neighborhood’s two most popular beaches (Spanish Banks and Jericho Beach). There are plenty of areas for you to stay fit with activities while staying quiet enough for a quaint family gathering.

Like Dunbar, West Point Grey offers plenty of great child-friendly catering. It also has plenty of great schooling options for you kids as they grow through their various ages.

You will be able to watch your children grow up while knowing they are safe in West Point, because the city has a low crime rate. A quiet area with little crime shows just how family-friendly this area is.


Renfrew Collingwood is your destination for living in a quiet yet residential area of Vancouver with access to nature. Living in this neighborhood will show you just how close this nature access really is.

Renfrew Ravine Park is just one of the park areas that you will encounter. It has undergone improvements to its wooded area and dog park, for patrons to fully take in the experiences of nature.

Renfrew offers plenty of great schooling options for younger children. The area even offers a school specifically for individuals that are new to Canada.

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