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Best topics for diversity and inclusion training

by M Sakhawat
Best topics for diversity and inclusion training

Best Online Diversity and Inclusion Courses

Diversity and differences between people enrich humanity, and it is the proper integration of diverse groups that generates inclusion, which allows diversity through a positive approach of unification. In this article, we present a list of 8 courses offered online by various educational institutions on diversity and inclusion. All the courses offered are completely free, but if you want a certificate you must make a small payment at the time of registration.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

ESSEX Business School offers this course so that participants learn to face and integrate diversity in the workplace. The objective is to displace all types of labor discrimination, understand the paradox of diversity, its dynamics and the correct way to handle it, developing these concepts in order to improve the work environment and be able to innovate in the matter. The course lasts 8 hours, with 4 modules that are developed in areas such as the introduction of the participants in what diversity is the perception and categorization of diversity, and diversity and inclusion around the world. The course has subtitles in Spanish.

Qualitative education: equality, inclusion, emphasis on diversity

This course also provides tools to understand why education is so inclusive today and why it has led to the building of a just society. During the course you will learn:

  • There is more to this than just introducing quality education
  • Recognizing diversity as an opportunity to grow
  • Promoting teaching practices that allow students to adjust their diversity

The curriculum consists of 6 modules, which are divided into 1.Quality, the Equality, Attention, and the Attention to Diversity, 2. Education Perspectives on the Problem of Student Diversity, The course lasts 5 weeks and its content is in the Spanish language.

Inclusive leadership

It is well known that companies also require diversity in them to be more effective. Many companies implement cultural diversity policies and include employees of different ages with a different socio-economic background, however, little is said about inclusion and diversity, and it is inclusive leadership that can promote equity and inclusion in an organization. If you want more information about this course, we invite you to visit its page.

Social inclusion of people with disabilities from a rights approach

In 2011 the World Health Organization launched the World Report on Disability, in which there is an increase in the prevalence of people with disabilities and that these people live with higher levels of deprivation in various areas such as job placement, education, etc. In this sense, the University of Chile decided to develop this course which seeks to promote the rights enshrined in the various international conventions on people with disabilities, promote knowledge about the various approaches and theories regarding disability, promote social decision-making , employment, education, etc. That they focus directly on serving and including people with disabilities, and analyze accessibility standards for all people, including those with disabilities.

Education for all: disability, diversity, and inclusion

The main focus of this course is to enable the participant to understand and face the barriers to learning and the difficulties that these can bring. Millions of children in the world have some type of disability and as a consequence of this; some are separated from educational programs, thus reducing their social integration and their contribution to the community. Inclusive education and the barriers present for people with disabilities are part of the curriculum of this 6-week course, which will also offer practical ways to promote inclusion explore inclusion in schools, apply ideas to develop within the classroom, discuss the role of the family and the community in educational inclusion, among others. The course is aimed primarily at parents of children with disabilities and professionals in the educational area, so that they are able to address strategies for a better educational environment. The course is only available in the English language, and if you want to do it you can sign up on its page.

Management of Epileptic Crisis and Promotion of Social Inclusion

During this diversity and inclusion training course, the fundamental principles of epilepsy will be studied with a brief review of its pathophysiology, its various forms of presentation in children and adults, and even how to approach epileptic seizures, to promote a greater understanding that leads to the phenomenon of inclusion of people suffering from this disease. People with epilepsy have been stigmatized over the years and this university dedicated itself to creating this course to address the aforementioned issues and generate spaces for social inclusion in reference to this topic. The course is offered in the Spanish language

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