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On October 18, 2021, the CBSE revealed the term-1 board exam schedule for classes 10 and 12 on its official website. Following the COVID-19 epidemic and after considering the existing situation, the Central Board of Secondary Education agreed on this term arrangement. Students will gain from the two-term board test since it will provide them more time to practice and prepare for the exams.


Now that the CBSE has announced the date sheet, it is time for students to pull up their socks and get to work on their weak areas in order to avoid losing marks in the exam.


The CBSE had previously declared that the tests for the CBSE boards’ 10th and 12th grades will be split into two terms. Term 1 will be held objectively, while Term 2 will be held subjectively (the ultimate decision will be based on the circumstances at the moment), with each covering 50% of the curriculum. Term 1 exams will last 90 minutes, while Term 2 exams will last 120 minutes.


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued an essential notice to students who wish to modify their examination centre city for the first term. The board stated in an order, “Students in classes X and XII who do not live in the city where their schools are located and are residing elsewhere shall be notified by CBSE at the appropriate time to request that their respective schools alter the city of the test centre. The board’s directives will be followed by the schools.”


Let’s gather some knowledge


Undoubtedly all the students want to score well in the CBSE Board Term 1 2021-22, but before they start with the preparation, something really quintessential has to be done. That is, of course, knowing the syllabus by heart. Just as an example for the science students they can refer to the pdf of the syllabus of all the subjects like CBSE Class 12 Physics Syllabus 2021-22 in PDF. Likewise, the students can refer to the syllabus of all the subjects in PDF format and preferably take a printout of it and stick it in their study room. 

  1. Practice all of the different types of questions that will be asked. Because the first exam will be objective, studying the entire theory will not be sufficient. You must be conversant with the most recent exam pattern. You must be able to answer stand-alone, case-based, passage-based, and assertion-reason-based MCQs.
  2. Why should you be considered for Final Revision if you are 100% Exam Ready?

The most important reason is that each line of the NCERT chapter has generated 100 questions. This guarantees that no concepts are missed.

All forms of questions have been included, allowing students to have a thorough understanding of all question types.

Each book also includes 2-3 pages of chapter summaries for convenient review.

These books are of the highest quality and have the lowest price when compared to other books on the market.

  1. Don’t miss the “Practical section” of practical knowledge-oriented subjects – Subjects like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (for 12th grade) and Science (for 10th grade) require practical understanding, which is more concept-oriented. Because the exam will be conducted objectively, there is a good likelihood that you will be asked questions from the practical sections of the chapters. As a result, don’t skim over the practical details and pay close attention to the concepts that underpin them.
  2. Improve your time management abilities by taking the 90-minute exam. It will be an offline objective exam in which candidates must fill out an OMR sheet with their responses. 

Students frequently make mistakes when filling out OMRs and lose marks as a result of their lack of practice. Practice full-fledged tests based on CBSE official Sample papers in 90 minutes to gain hands-on experience and improve time management.


  1. Practice drawing diagrams, maps, and tables on paper – The importance of the NCERT diagrams, table, idea maps, and screen box text is generally acknowledged, especially when the question pattern is Objective. As a result, don’t skip them. Follow these elements closely and practice with a pencil and paper to help you remember them for a longer time.
  2. Almost everyone might have heard about the popular saying that we should dress up for the occasion. So since the term 1 exams for CBSE Board  2021-22 are going to be MCQ-based, the students should practise question banks consisting of MCQs. Once you start solving these question banks you will be able to see numerous advantages and benefits, let’s have a look at them. You learn the pattern of questioning, the scheme of question allocation, and which topics are more significant than others; you improve your paraphrasing skills as you recall and arrange your replies; and, most crucially, you learn how to manage time effectively, right up until the last minute. Another advantage of using question banks is that it helps you gain a better comprehension of the general curriculum and establish your smart-studying regimen.
  3. Even with the tiniest of things, try to avoid slacking because it’s the mentality that counts. Train yourself to be more active both intellectually and physically, and don’t put off until tomorrow what you want to do now. This will free up time for you to focus on other elements of your preparation that you believe are equally or more important. By setting daily goals, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress and accomplishments, keep yourself motivated and focused on the greater picture, and you’ll have a few days to modify and review once you’ve completed all of the boxes.




Being disciplined and sticking to a regular study regimen is important to acing the Class 12th Term – I Board Examination. The aforementioned study strategies will almost certainly help you achieve a higher grade than you would otherwise have received. 

Class 12 Term 1 Board exams 2021- 22 may appear to be a huge leap, but with the correct study tools, it is certainly a leap you can make. The key is to have faith in yourself, trust the process, and stick to your learning schedule.

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