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Do you want to celebrate your child’s birthday during Covid? Don’t let the pandemic overcome your happiness; while respecting the rules, give your baby an unforgettable day.

Fortunately, there are so many ways to celebrate a quarantined baby’s birthday – you just have to let your imagination run wild. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live. It made it difficult or even impossible for our children to enjoy sports, class time with classmates, and the long-awaited birthday party.

But don’t worry: in the following paragraphs, we give you some tips to celebrate your child’s birthday during the Covid-19 epidemic.

Fun Quarantined Birthday Ideas For Kids

Luckily, you have plenty of alternatives to make your baby’s quarantined birthday memorable, a little different from the usual but equally special. You can organize virtual dance parties and camping but a birthday without a cake is never complete, so buy baby gifts online you can simply check out our collections of birthday gifts and cakes for kids and have it at your doorstep safely.

It is essential to explain to the child at an early stage that the birthday party will look different this year. Most children already know how the coronavirus is changing our lives. Otherwise, you will find help here to explain Corona to your child.

You can get same day cake delivery in Chennai. Children are often more flexible than we think and can quickly adapt to new circumstances.

The perfect Corona children’s birthday: King for one day

The most important thing on a birthday is not necessarily the guests. It’s about letting the child feel on their birthday that they are special. The youngsters want to experience an extraordinary day that is just not like any other. It can include guests, but also decorations and a great cake. The child should focus on their birthday and get loads of attention—a few ideas on how to make your child the center of the world for a day.

Below you will find some lovely ideas that will make the birthday very effervescent.

  • Put a crown on the child: An enormous hat, cute headband with small balloons, the words “birthday boy,” or a unicorn look.
  • Create a countdown: This increases the anticipation for this special day.
  • 3rd surprise: birthday mail No matter if big or small, a surprise package always ensures joy. By post, or simply put on the doorstep, the birthday child will be amazed when he discovers the surprise package.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal; even well-chosen little things bring joy. How about, for example, a lavish bath surprise, a small snack box for the next excursion (depending on the age of the child with millet rings or nibbling animals ), or a homemade friendship bracelet.

Important: Please keep in mind that it can take a few days longer for the package to arrive. So send it a little earlier.

  • Dress up: Just because there may be no or few guests does not mean that you are not allowed to look well. Let the child wear their favorite outfit or buy something new in advance for the occasion. Parents and siblings can also join them.
  • An extraordinary birthday cake
  • Buy a birthday gift: Your child must deserve what he/she would like to have! So, keep your emotions aside and buy a gift for your child that he/she loves. It would be their favorite toys, food, clothes, etc.

Special situations call for special cakes! Even the little ones can look forward to a birthday cake. Older children can be surprised with a cool monster cake, cake pops, or dragon cake. Of course, depending on the child’s age and mood, it can help with ordering one from our online bakery.

  • Initiate a horn concert: In many countries, a so-called “honk-a-thon” has a specific tradition. Put up a large sign in front of the house that says, for example, ” Jan is seven years old today. Horn to congratulate him “. The birthday child receives acoustic congratulations throughout the day.
  • Become a Djinn and fulfill your child’s wishes. For example, you may wish for five things in advance that you implement as much as possible. If the child wants to go to the sea, create an ocean out of the bathtub. If you’re going to go to the zoo, all the cuddly animals move into the living room. Anything is possible with imagination.

Children are also easy to inspire with little things, so simple changes in the daily routine are often enough. Maybe there is the cake for breakfast, a picnic in the trunk of the car, you spend the whole day in your pajamas or sleep in the hammock. Just make them feel special!!


Don’t let the pandemic stop you from celebrating happiness along with your loved ones, and how good it is to have a cake from our online bakery to make the day more memorable.  Children feel what we feel. If we can convey serenity and enthusiasm to them, they will be happy and live this moment without suffering trauma or feeling negative, simply understanding that it is an exception.

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