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Brain Exercises To Help Keep You Mentally Sharp

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Brain Exercises

Whenever we hear the words health and exercise, our brain automatically starts thinking about our physical health or physical exercise but what about the health and exercise of that same brain that helped us think that? The brain is our most important body part because it is involved in all the functions that we perform in our daily life and it helps perform all the physical functions as well as process our emotions. While we sleep and give rest to our body, our brain still works and performs all its functions. So from a health and wellness point of view, just like we do physical exercises to keep our body healthy, exercising and keeping our brain sharp should also be our priority. Let’s discuss some ways and exercises that will help us keep our brains sharp and healthy.


We might think that meditation is calming and resting for our body and mind, and we are right too, but it works wonders for the brain. There are several benefits our body can gain from doing meditation. It helps reduce stress and calms your mind and body. Many studies show meditation may slow down the aging process of the brain, thereby increasing its ability to process information.

Learn something new

It is always a good idea to learn something new as it can also be a way for us to have fun, but no matter how much fun it sounds, it is also a challenge for our brain to learn that new thing. According to various studies, our memory can be improved by learning new things. The more we learn, the more we train our brain to expand its capacity.

Listening Music

Exercising your brain does not have to be a hard thing to do. It can be simple activities like listening to your favorite music. Listening to music is also an excellent exercise for your brain to upgrade its mental fitness. According to a study, listening to your favorite happy music and tunes may help by engaging and creating a connection between different parts of the brain and uplifting your mood.

Playing games

You can make your brain sharper in your leisure time by playing mind games. Games like playing cards or board games help us exercise our brain and open up ways to creative and intelligent thinking. A study says that in older adults the risk of cognitive impairment can be reduced by playing simple games like card games or board games.

Build our vocabulary

Rich vocabulary not only helps us sound smart but also makes us smart. Learning new words and using them in our talks or writings is also an exercise that makes our brains sharper. Research tells us that a lot of brain parts are involved in vocabulary tasks, especially those regions which are responsible for visuals and hearing processing. So start learning new words and their meanings, and also use them in your day-to-day life.

Take a new route

A new route to make our brain sharper is by taking a new route. Going to a place with a different route, and coming back from there by taking a new road is also a way of exercising. Taking new and different routes to get to a place every week or every month or using a different transportation method helps our brain in recognizing new routes, and as a result, makes our brain sharper.

Regular exercise

The health of our body and the health of our brain does not have to be separated. We don’t need to perform different activities to take care of them, as physical exercises are a way out for both issues. Different aspects of our brain health like memory, cognition, and motor coordination can be improved by exercising regularly. Keeping our body healthy can be beneficial for the health of our brain as well.


Keeping our brain sharp and healthy can be pretty straightforward like doing our daily tasks and yet very effective. We can increase our creativity, improve our memory and cognition with the help of brain exercises. We can also protect our brain from age-related issues if we exercise our brain regularly. Exercising your brain physically and mentally improves the oxygen flow in the head. Mrs.Kate Barrington, a health & wellness expert highlights the importance of increasing the blood flow to the brain. The exercises mentioned above can be performed by people of almost all ages, and these exercises do not have to be boring at all. These exercises are fun, and your brain loves taking up challenges. You should keep trying different brain exercises to make your brain sharper and then stick to the one that gives you the most pleasure.

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