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Build Quality, Oscillation and Speed: All Things About Wall Fans

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Build Quality, Oscillation and Speed: All Things About Wall Fans

A good ventilation system such as a fan is an essential part of any home. Fans provide cool air all around the room, be it to escape the summer heat or humidity. Most of you have heard about ceiling fans and pedestal fans all of your life, but newer models and more advanced technologies have given a push to add more types of fans to the market. Wall fans are trending fans with many additional benefits, and are quickly becoming a popular choice.

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A wall fan is suitable for an area where the floor or table space is not readily available. As the name suggests, wall fans are attached to the wall and plugged into an outlet, which reduces the number of space requirements. This makes it easy for you to install them wherever you’d prefer.

How Do Wall Fans Operate?

Wall fans operate a bit differently from ceiling fans, as ceiling fans push air downwards to circulate air in the room, whereas wall fans help move air around the room horizontally, creating a higher air thrust. In addition, this process of pushing air around the room helps in creating evaporating phenomena instantly.

There are many factors to consider and look out for when buying a wall fan: quality, speed, oscillation, and other specific features. To guide your decision, here are some features to keep in mind:

1. Size

Size is the first thing to consider when buying a wall fan for your home. The size of your fan must be adequate to create sufficient airflow and ventilation in the area you install it in. A bigger fan size with a high-power motor will be suitable for a larger space, whereas a small fan size will work well for smaller spaces.

2. Oscillation

The oscillation of your wall fan decides the amount of airflow that will be circulated in the room. As oscillation entails moving the air from one side to the other, this is one of the most important wall fan features.

3. Build Quality

Wall mount fans are equipped with reliable build quality and are usually lightweight, making them a perfect fit to install in your homes or offices. Sturdier models are also available in the market to suit your requirements.

4. Speed Control

Speed is an essential feature of a wall mount fan and should be considered carefully. If the fan is extremely fast, it may create a lot of noise in the room, making it uncomfortable for you. On the other hand, if the fan is extremely slow, then it will not be able to generate enough air thrust in the room. Therefore, finding the correct fan speed, preferably with a regulator, can be the best option for you.

5. Accessories

With technology advancements, wall fans now come with accessories like remote controls to make them more consumer-friendly. These remote controls make the process easier as you can control the settings of your fan comfortably. It is also important to find a fan with an off switch so that air can be directed in one particular direction as and when required. 

6. Accessibility

A wall fan is designed in a way to help ventilate the places that are slightly harder to reach with a different ventilation system. It is suitable for places like oddly shaped corners, balconies, terraces, etc. The horizontal airflow also helps it ventilate a larger area than what a ceiling fan can cover.

These are some of the main features to look out for in a good and reliable wall fan. If you want to purchase a new wall fan, looking out for these characteristics may help you get a clearer vision of which one will suit you the most. In addition, it would help if you always looked out for options from a reputable brand specializing in providing home electricals such as Luminous. They offer a huge variety of wall fans that can match your expectations perfectly. Head to their website for all the information on the various models they have to offer today!

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