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Buy Pixel 2 xl Mobile Phone in 2022 

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Buy Pixel 2 xl Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are no more a luxury. They have become necessary these days. Mobiles have different specifications. If you want a mobile phone with a certain specification, sometimes they are heavy on the budget. Now you can buy such mobile phones without breaking the bank. You can buy them in used condition.

 If you are looking for the best mobile phone for you then you are in a right place to have the complete information about the mobile phone you love. We are here to guide you about the best-selling mobile phone Pixel 2 xl used. By knowing the specifications of the Pixel 2 xl mobile phone you will love to buy it. 

Why special Pixel 2 xl is special?

Google developed both pixel 2 and Pixel 2 xl. This product was launched on October 4, in the year 2017. 

  • Pixel 2 xl is the best product made by the manufacturers with the following specifications;
  • Technology: Pixel 2 xl has GSM/CDMA/HSPA/LTE technology. 
  • Weight:  Its weight is 175 g with 157.9X76.7X7.9 mm dimensions. 
  • Built: It is built with a glass front and aluminum cover. 
  • Sims: Nano-SIM card and eSIM support.
  • Resistance: It is dust and water-resistant by having the latest manufacturing features.
  • Display: It has a 6-inch display panel. 
  • Camera: It has a camera that is 12.2 megapixels offering 4000 videos at 30 FPS. The camera of this phone also has phase detection autofocus. Pixel 2 also contains an excellent feature. This feature is its optical image stabilization. This feature enables the mobile to reduce blurring during motion, so you can make a flawless video. 

Google lens app: this device does visual analysis by using a camera and gives relevant information to you. By the end of 2020, this phone reached its end-of-life date which was planned by Google. 

In short, we can say Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 xl are manufactured by Google which is the best combination of hardware and software. It carries a unique feature with good quality which is why everyone wants to get this smartphone as their first priority. Frankly telling that I have personally used this android phone and found it efficient and reliable, therefore I will recommend you to buy the Pixel smartphone without any hesitation and enjoy the phone with its unique features on a low budget. 

This is the reason why people have to buy pixel 2 xl used mobile phones. 


As the manufacturing of the smartphone is in 2017 but we have researched the availability of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 xl, the good news is that the availability of this phone is also in existence. So you can get the phone at our recommended places to enjoy the latest features of the android phone. It is available as a new and in used condition both. As Pixel 2 is available in used form also, you can select the android phone in a good condition within your budget range.

We hope that this article would be helpful for you to buy the smartphone of your choice in a good condition and low budget range.



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