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Cargo Shorts: This Summer Must Haves for Men

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Shorts for men are surely a summer must-have. The weather calls for comfortable outfits. Be it inside or outside the home, one needs to wear outfits which will give their body relaxation and make them feel at peace at the end of the day. However little this particular garment seems to be, its utility is huge and having a few pairs in the wardrobe would be a plus any day.

When one talks about cargo shorts for men, specifically, it is important to know the history of these shorts first. During the 1938s, the people of the British Infantry started wearing these shorts due to the immense comfort that is imparted by this particular outfit. The American soldiers were primarily the people who started wearing the cargos.

The cargo shorts are mostly equipped with large pockets. This was done keeping in mind the practical use of it. If soldiers had to use it, then they would invariably need large pockets in which they would be able to store all their essentials like, money, road maps, sometimes even ration for that matter. Due to their intense work schedule, getting everything handy at one place served to be extremely necessary.

Soon after the soldiers retired from the Forces and were returning home, they got this particular garment along with them. Eventually, everyone started knowing about it and since people loved the idea of this garment, especially men, the local tailors started making these more so that the general public could wear it too with similar enthusiasm.

After that, many diversifications took place when it came to men’s shorts. Nowadays all of us know about the various types of shorts be it gym shorts, compression shorts, patterned shorts, or any other type that is available in the market. With cargo shorts, people started feeling a sense of belongingness to the soldiers in the Armed Forces. That is the sole reason why people started wearing cargos regularly.

Be it for travelling or for a quick job around the neighbourhood park, men love the concept of wearing cargos. Also, due to the sense of motivation one gets after wearing one of these. The cargo shorts serve multiple purposes and everyone should invariably own two to three pairs for future usage.

Another type of garment that men can wear at home is men’s boxers. This particular type is more relaxed and stitched keeping in mind the comfort of men at home. The fitting is more at the loose side and there is a lot of space between the garment and the skin that provides enough breathable space.

Boxers for men were discovered by the people who used to play the sport of boxing. They felt the need of making this garment due to its usage and from then on, boxers came into the life of the general public too for using it. Over time, new trends are coming up when it comes to clothing for men.

Another factor that helped a lot in making people aware of cargo shorts is the trend of online shopping. With the internet gaining mass importance due to its utility, people have now moved to the online shopping regime. Websites like Bewakoof are doing a marvellous job in making products according to the requirements of their customers.

Boxer shorts like Plain Cargo Shorts, are surely a must-have for the men’s wardrobe. Wear it for casual outings or even for a quick grocery run without any kind of hassle. Grab the latest deal only on the official website of Bewakoof. If you are a Tribe Member, you will get an additional discount on every purchase. So, what are you waiting for? Lay your hands on the best offers today.

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