Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Hack That You Can Try At Home

Most of the time, when you’re cleaning your house, all you need are a few new and innovative ideas in order to keep you motivated. We know that carpet cleaning tricks and hacks can sometimes be very irresistible at times. Yes, the internet is full of tips and tricks of carpet cleaning content. 

Despite your tiring and best efforts at cleaning the house, your household carpets and rugs will eventually become a victim of food, beverage spills, dirty shoes, or even pet accidents. But don’t worry, we have compiled a list of some tricks that’ll help you get your carpets cleaned in no time. What more? You might not even need to hire a carpet odor removal service as well to keep them smelling fresh and new. 

Carpet Cleaning Hacks To Try At Home

Assuming that you’ve gotten bored with your daily routine of spending hours on the internet look for cleaning tips, tricks, and hacks. We’ve compiled a list of some new ideas that you can use to keep your household carpets looking clean every time. 

#1: Baking Soda Is Not the Only Option

You might have used a lot of ways to clean the carpet using just vinegar and baking soda. This approach is a tried and tested one. But there might come a time that even this DIY hack might not work. Yes, some stains will need a new approach and try carpet cleaning service

This time, try using shaving cream at the stains instead of baking soda. 

#2: Give Steam Cleaning A Try 

You can easily rent steam cleaners from local hardware stores and supermarkets. Don’t worry, the detergents that are used in them are most inexpensive. 

If you haven’t tried using it, it is highly suggested that you first try it on a small patch of the carpet before. 

#3: Breaking The Ice

One of the most dreadful situations you might find yourself in is getting gum stuck in the carpet. You’ll instantly think of cutting the strands, right? Well, take out a piece of ice, and start to rub it on the gum. As chewing gums get less sticky when they’re frozen, you’ll have a greater chance of getting it out. 

#4: Use Heat Too

What about wax? Trying to scrape the wax once it is cold is just very tedious. You might consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service in Dunwoody GA for it. But you can also cover it with a towel and heat it up with an iron. The wax will soften and use the towel to lift it up. 

#5: Change Up When You Vacuum

On the off chance that you vacuum each week around the same time, have a go at switching things up and picking an alternate day of the week. In some cases, you may be putting off vacuuming in light of the fact that it’s not “The Time” yet. Take a stab at moving your vacuuming plan around until you discover the day that is going to work for you and give the best outcomes.

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