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CBSE Class 10 Science paper tips to score maximum marks

by M Sakhawat
Science paper tips

The Central Board of Secondary conducts board examinations for class 10 every year. The board governs examinations all over the country. It is responsible for conducting exams and evaluating the results. The proverb is so true that Hard Work leads to success. Students’ main goal should be hard work. Without hard work, nothing can be achieved easily. In this article, we will see tips to score maximum in a science exam. 


Why should NCERT be chosen as base material?

The base material for the CBSE students is NCERT. Not only in English but NCERT Books for Class 10 Science in Hindi are also available. NCERT is a building block for every student. Right from the content to the conclusion, every concept is so precise and clear. The easy explanation is provided in NCERT books. CBSE always recommended NCERT books. This does not mean that students should not use reference books but it should not be a priority. Students on the other hand should never skip NCERT.


Reference books should always be preferred when the base from NCERT is clear. One can solve high-level questions from reference books. Students should keep in mind that NCERT and previous years’ question papers are the basis for the Board examination which should not be ignored.


Why is NCERT important?

  • Questions from the exam point are covered in NCERT.
  • Provide a thorough explanation of even tough questions.
  • Solutions are provided in easy and understandable language. 
  • Helps to build up a base.
  • NCERT solutions are also provided by CBSE in both online and offline formats.
  • Every chapter consists of a summary at the end.
  • It is provided with several practice questions including examples and unsolved questions. 
  • It is also cost-friendly and inexpensive. 


Tips to prepare before the examination

There is no shortcut for victory. Preparation before the examination plays a major role in deciding grades. Here are a few tips one should always follow before the exam.

  • Before studying, always prepare a timetable on how much time and attention should be paid to a particular chapter. 
  • Try to give equal time to all three subjects : Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Do not rush directly to questions. Always begin with an understanding of the concepts.
  • Always highlight and mark important points while studying.
  • Always learn and write to remember the points. Draw flowcharts and diagrams to practice.
  • Sleep for a minimum of 7-8 hours daily.
  • Eat healthily and hydrate well. Avoid eating junk foods.
  • Always prepare short notes and formulas separately so that they can be revised at the end.
  • Try to relax in between. Do not stress out much.
  • Always prepare while keeping in mind the marking scheme of CBSE.
  • Always make NCERT a priority.


Self Assessment is essential

Always keep in mind that Science is composed of three subjects- Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. One should be thorough with each one of the above subjects. If any of the three is not studied thoroughly, it will affect the final result. Prioritize time according to the syllabus provided and plan accordingly. One should make a proper timetable for each of the three subjects. Following are the stepwise tips for each of the subjects that one must keep in mind-


  • Prepare conceptual and formula-based questions.
  • Practice theorems, diagrams, and laws properly. 
  • Solve previous years conceptual and numerical questions
  • Prepare small notes of formulas, concepts, and laws.
  • Never do parrot reading. Try to understand concepts. Take help of reference books in case of any difficulty.
  • Few chapters like lenses and mirrors should be practised properly.
  • Test yourself by practising much from this section.



  • Chemistry is easier among all three. It requires less preparation time.
  • Pay attention to chemical equations and chemical names.
  • Try to learn the periodic table thoroughly.
  • Learn atomic number and atomic mass by heart.
  • Usually, straightforward questions are asked from this section.
  • Always explain answers with help of examples and chemical equations.



  • It consists of various complex processes. It should be studied by heart.
  • Practice diagrams properly. Try to draw a neat, clean, and well-labelled diagram.
  • Pay attention to complex terminologies and definitions.
  • Never write in a single paragraph. Focus on the question asked and always maintain space between two paragraphs.


What should one do before the exam day?

  • Remain calm and composed.
  • Take proper sleep before the exam.
  • Revise every point thoroughly and properly from prepared notes.
  • Do not touch any new topic. Try to recall and master already studied topics.
  • Eat well and stay hydrated


Important tips for the examination day

Exam day is the final assessment. All hard work and practice will show its result on this big day.

 Following are the points every student should keep in mind during the examination day

  •  Always begin with question paper reading.
  • Always answer questions according to marks allocated.
  • Try to maintain good handwriting till the end.
  • Never over-write answers.
  • Try to solve questions that are easy first.
  • Do not waste time on one question only.
  • Always give proper heading to answer so that its checking will be easier for the examiner.
  • Do not fill answer sheets with the same answers twice.
  • Draw a neat, clear, and well-labelled diagram.
  • Always use a pencil for drawing diagrams as any mistakes can be erased easily.
  • Be precise and up to mark while answering.
  • Always recheck before submitting the answer sheet.



As discussed above, every point must be kept in mind. One should always set up the goal. He must try maximum to achieve that goal. One should never skip NCERT. As NCERT helps students maximum to gain long term benefits. Not only from a CBSE point of view but it helps in various other competitive fields too. The maximum gained score in the science exam depends on NCERT. As NCERT is prepared by highly trained professionals, its solutions are unique, helpful, and simple. It is also easily accessible for every student. Students should therefore use this as a basic study material to score maximum.

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