Choose the right printing method for your hemp packaging

Custom Hemp Packaging

Hemp-related products are getting a lot of common these days due to their extensive uses. In order to deliver, present and preserve these items, custom hemp packaging is the perfect solution. Because of their customizable nature, you can use them according to the basic requirements of your products.

The boxes that you can get in this solution are available in different sizes, shapes, and themes in the packaging market.

They are durable in nature due to the utilization of cardboard, kraft, and corrugated papers in their manufacturing process. It is due to these papers; these packages can easily get within considerable cost. They are effective for almost every printing that is utilizing for the packages in the market.

After getting printed with your brand and product information, they can serve a purpose of a marketing tool for your business. In short, they are capable of providing several advantages to your business.

Printing Techniques for Hemp Packaging Boxes:

The marketing of any business depends on the way of utilizing the products and their packaging solution. It is why you have to make sure that you are getting the perfect solution to present your cannabis products. Custom hemp packaging is the solution that is known very well in the market for preserving and presenting these days. But in order to grab its features, you have to make sure that you are utilizing the perfect printing technique to make them appealing and enticing.

Here are some printing techniques for this solution and at the end you will get to know which one will be suitable for you.

1: Digital Printing:

Digital printing technique is the solution that is utilizing most commonly in the market of packaging. In this, you do not have to go through the process of imprinting your details, designs, or information on plates. You can directly print on the surface of your paper by utilizing it.

It does not require any upfront budget to be invested in making different copies of your printed materials. It is the best option when you want to print in small quantities without investing in any high budget.

You can easily reprint the design that you are putting on your custom boxes without any extra effort. With it, you can easily print out multiple designs for your packages at the same time and in the same run. It uses CMYK as its core color model, so it is very easy for you to get your packaging printed with different colors.

2: Offset Printing:

Whenever it comes to mass production printing, there is only one name that came to the mind of manufacturers, and that is offset printing. With this technology, you can print your hemp boxes in higher volume or quantity without investing a lot of money.

This technology can work perfectly with a lot of ink types and paper materials. It is considered to be perfect for more than 500 runs. There is not any kind of digital technology for this solution. There are three different cylinders that work in this technique that role up image or design on the sheet of the paper.

RGB color model use in this technique, which may make you limited on the selection of colors. But the colors that this technique can provide are surely able to attract your audience.

3: Screen Printing:

Screen printing is a perfect solution when you need strong coverage and hold of the layers of inks. This solution is highly resistible against optical performance. So, you are going to get high-resolution results when you print your custom hemp box packaging from it.

With its strong adhesion, you can make sure that your design will work long last throughout the life of your packaging solution. It is not that difficult to understand or even master this technology. It is suitable for different kinds of ink. But you may get to invest a little more in this solution.

But the quality that you will get in the form of your packages will surely overcome the cost that you will invest in utilizing it. It can surely help you to make products and their presentations stand out in the market.

Which one is the best?

Depending on the requirement and needs of your packaging, it is up to you what kind of printing you want for your hemp packaging. All of these have specific properties, qualities, and functionalities. What you need to do is to figure out what kind of solution you can afford or utilize.

You can probably go for digital printing because of its extremely efficient color printing. But on the other hand, there is a functionality of cost-saving that offset technology can provide you in a better manner. So, figure out what is the requirement of your business and products.

And most importantly, figure out which is the type that you can easily utilize. In this way, you can easily go with the one that will give the perfect result for the designing and printing of your hemp packages.

These are some features and uniqueness that different printing technologies hold in them. You can go with any technique you want because it is entirely up to you how you want your custom hemp packaging to present your brand. So make sure that you are going with the one that can get you more benefits than expenditures.

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    Really great article on hemp packaging right methods! Hemp boxes are trending in the market because of attractive look. I like digital printing and offset printing techniques which is so good. Both techniques are good but mostly people goes towards offset and save the cost. For better results i recommend to go on Digital Printing by using technology. Thanks!

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