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Choosing a Slitter Blade Manufacturer

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Choosing a Slitter Blade Manufacturer

If you’re looking for a slitter blade Manufacturer, there are many options available. American Cutting Edge and Baucor are two leading names in the slitting industry. Both companies manufacture industrial slotted razors and circular blades. American Cutting Edge also offers industrial slotted razors and a full line of slitting and converting knives. Visit our website https://www.kangblade.com/ to learn more about slitting and converting knives, and take advantage of their same-day shipping on industrial blades.

Baucor is a leading slitter blade manufacturer

In addition to slitter blade, Baucor also makes industrial knife blades, machine knives, and precision wear parts. Its diverse product line is suitable for many industrial converting applications, including paper converting, food processing, rubber converting, and poultry processing. The company specializes in custom manufacturing precision wear tools for a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and military. Here are some reasons why you should choose a Baucor blade for your application.

One of the best things about Baucor is that their blades are made to last a long time. They are designed and manufactured to outlast the competition. Moreover, you can even get custom-made blades for special applications. In addition, they offer customized solutions to solve your blade performance problems and optimize your cut applications. With over 45 years of experience, Baucor knows what customers need and can tailor solutions to meet their needs.

A leading slitter blade manufacturer, Baucor has a branch in the United Kingdom where it distributes its products. The company also has offices in the US and Germany. In the UK, it sells industrial and machine knives under the brand name “Baucor”. In addition to slitter blade, the company also manufactures a variety of industrial blades, including straight and curved industrial blades.

American Cutting Edge

The Biehn Group, Inc., is an industry-leading family-owned business that has served the metal products market since 1965. The company has built a reputation for value, innovation, and superior customer service, and the current leadership team continues the legacy of commitment to value and customer satisfaction. The company has a global presence with a slitter blade product portfolio that includes more than 5,000 different blades for every type of metal industry.

The quality of American Cutting Edge blades reaches far beyond mere price. Their precision ground knives are designed to meet OEM standards. The American Cutting Edge brand ensures quality and value for money, while providing superior results at a lower cost than OEM blades. To learn more about the benefits of American Cutting Edge slitter blade, visit the website of this manufacturer today! Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider them:

Precision sharpening is an important step in extending the life of a slitter blade and decreasing the cost of replacement knives. If you have a collection of slitting blades, sending them to a precision sharpener is a great way to extend the life of each blade while keeping them in like-new condition. Choosing a precision sharpener is a process that requires patience and a relationship with a slitter blade manufacturer.

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