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Choosing Corporate Housing over Hotels in 2022: A Wise Choice

by John Milton
Choosing Corporate Housing over Hotels in 2022 A Wise Choice

Whether you are on the go, on a business trip, or looking for temporary accommodation for an extended stay, you need a furnished rental. This option is also ideal for temporary relocation plans.

Are you traveling to a new city? Accommodation plans are paramount for business owners, contractors, employees, and private personnel.  Corporate housing ticks the boxes for extended stays with lower costs incurred than living in a hotel.

While hotels might be good for a brief stay, if you are looking at medium to long-term projects, corporate housing rentals are the logical choice for business owners and professionals in the field.

In this article, we discuss the benefits of choosing corporate apartments over hotels.

Why Corporate Housing?

In Boston, corporate housing first began as short-term rental fixes for travelers, tourists, and business people alike. Sometimes, the business trips evolved into extended stays, and as hotel rates were unsustainably high, businessmen reverted to seeking something considerably less expensive within the city.

If you happen to be heading to Boston, there is always a concern about hotel prices. Statistics show that Boston is the most expensive city for accommodation in the US. This is by a considerable distance, but it shouldn’t stop you from coming here, and this is where corporate housing enters Boston.

You can fulfill your ‘home away from home’ desires at a considerate rate with corporate apartments in Boston. Corporate lease apartments provide both short-term and long-term fixes. For anywhere from a week to beyond a year, you never have to worry about organizing accommodation for your frequent business trips corporately or on an individual basis.

Benefits of Choosing Corporate Apartments Over Hotels

We are going to evaluate a few reasons why you should have a change of menu in choosing corporate rentals over hotel accommodation. Some of these are:

1. The Affordability Ratio

In the present-day economy, everyone tries to access the best things at the most favorable prices. It is the natural disposition of people who are actively running businesses. If you happen to have a business trip for weeks in Boston, footing the bill in a hotel might not reflect favorably on your credit card.

Corporate apartments represent a cost-saving alternative bearing in mind the quality of service you would be getting. If you intend on staying beyond a week in Boston, it is reasonable to go for affordable corporate suites.

2. Best for Corporate Team Travels

Are you heading to Boston with a team of workers or contract staff? Then, corporate apartments should be your go-to option.

Moving into a hotel with a team of workers in Boston on business travels will incur additional rent costs. You will most likely get more than one room depending on the number of staff. Hotels could work short-term, but the longer your stay, the more expensive it gets.

However, with furnished corporate apartments, you can get a collective space for lease for months or a year. Depending on where you look, you can even renegotiate the terms of your lease.

A flexible lease means you’re given the luxury of moving out with your team on extended outings without the need of seeking alternative accommodation on your return trip. You can extend and shorten your lease agreement all on the terms of negotiation.

3. Fully Furnished Accommodations

Millions of individuals travel every year for tour trips and business travels, and many who frequently travel crave a home-away-from-home experience. For tourists who seek convenience and a bit of luxury for a few days, there is luxury corporate housing. You do not have to drain your pockets as short-term corporate apartments can give you that homely feel you crave.

For business owners, there are furnished corporate apartments ideal for work and leisure. These affordable corporate suites offer workspaces and internet facilities, so can continue office duties from your suite with zero discomfort.

A typical feature of corporate housing is that it has larger spaces than hotel accommodation. The presence of large living space will help you unwind after a long day. Other features include kitchen appliances with all of the cookware giving you that measure of control that adds to the home-away-from-home experience.

4. A Good Option for Family During Relocation

Let us assume you plan on relocating to a new place and you’re looking for a temporary abode for your family. Probably, a place that can give you a one-year stay as you finish developing your own house. Hotel accommodation, in this instance, cannot cater to your family’s needs. Aside from costs, it is not a realistic venture.

Corporate housing can cater to stability and long-term thinking. A corporate furnished apartment can represent a good choice for your family. Besides representing value, you get to move in with a lot more stuff than what might have been possible in a hotel.

Many hotels do not allow pets as they do not have provisions for pets. It has led to many pet owners having to sell off their pets or leave them behind during relocation seasons. By picking corporate housing, your house pets do not have to be left behind. 

5. Proximity to Work Stations

Another reason you should go for corporate housing over hotels is if your work area is close to the regions where you intend to camp temporarily. There would be little need for hotels in this case since you can just agree to lease affordable corporate housing for you or your team members.

Usually, there are corporate apartments located around notable work sites. If you can find one in and around your work, take our advice and go for it. It is a no-brainer.


Corporate housing provides you with the best home-away-from-home experience. It is fully furnished and well-organized with an edge of affordability. You do not need to reach into the abyss of your finances in the name of housing. Both short-term and long-term rentals are open to you. All you need to do is get started in Boston.

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