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Collagen: All You Need to Know

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Collagen All You Need to Know

Most of you must have heard a couple of times that collagen is the most effective and necessary supplement that women should take to look youthful. But have you ever given it a thought how this magical supplement works in your body?

Some of you might be aware that collagen is already present in your body and is responsible for skin elasticity and youthfulness. So, what is the need to take a collagen supplement? There are thousands of questions that people have about collagen powder and its benefits. So, as you read further, some questions related to collagen supplements and how they work for your body are answered in the post.

How Do Collagen Supplements Work?

Collagen is a protein that already exists in your body. But taking a collagen supplement will boost collagen production, resulting in slow aging, strong bone and muscle health, and fewer problems related to joint pain.

Once the collagen supplement enters your body, it gets absorbed into your bloodstream, and it starts producing new collagen in your body. However, the collagen supplement will only work best for you if you work out properly. Besides, environmental factors also play a significant role.

What Are the External Factors Stopping the Production of Collagen in Your Body?

Even if you take collagen supplements regularly, you won’t see results if you are not taking some external factors into account. So, the following might be the reason for collagen reduction in your body:

  1. Consuming alcohol and drugs.
  2. Not paying attention to your skincare routine.
  3. Not protecting your skin from the harmful sun’s rays and pollution.
  4. Keeping yourself dehydrated.
  5. Not exercising.
  6. Not eating healthy and having a poor sleep routine.

 What Are the Internal Factors Contributing to Collagen Reduction?

You can’t always blame external factors for making you look older, as some people have an imbalance in their body that results in aging and inadequate bone, hair, and nail health. These internal factors can be:

  1. Water retention power of the body.
  2. Hormonal imbalance.
  3. The recovery rate from skin damage.
  4. Rate of collagen breakdown.
  5. Regeneration of skin cells.

Is Collagen Only Responsible for Improving Your Skin and Hair?

Some of you know that your bones are mostly made of collagen and are mainly responsible for keeping their strength. So, with age, the percentage of collagen reduces, and it becomes pretty obvious that you experience joint pain and weak bones. In such a situation, collagen supplements are a must to maintain bone strength. Hence, you can consult a doctor to understand how strong your muscles and bones are, and based on the report, start consuming collagen to maintain bone strength.

Also, it has been observed that people who take collagen supplements pre or post-workout notice quick muscle and bone recovery compared to those who don’t.

Can Collagen Be a Replacement for Protein Powder?

People who do intense workouts would have this question in mind. But it might be a disappointment that you cannot replace protein powder with collagen powder.  Collagen would support muscle recovery, but it does not have all the essential amino acids that your body needs for muscle gain and fat loss. So, you can add a scoop of collagen to your breakfast but cannot depend on it entirely.

The conclusion is that collagen is an excellent supplement that would not have any side effects on your body. Also, it will only help in promoting better health. So, if you want to have better hair, nail, bone, and skin health, you must look forward to investing in a good collagen supplement.

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