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Commercial Glass – Handling and Safety

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Commercial Glass - Handling and Safety

The demand for glass has only increased over the past few decades. From modern construction to lab equipment, glass manufacturers and fabricators have had to meet the growing demand. While the increasing demand is a boon for growing glass businesses, handling large quantities of glass can be dangerous, and one should remain cautious. From glass handling equipment to safety measures for staff, this guide can help in establishing a safe work environment (for both glass and staff).

Safety Measures for Staff

Staff safety is crucial because a lack of it can result in severe cuts, amputations, puncture wounds, crush and strain injuries and even death. 

Safety Equipment is a Must

Staff need to wear safety equipment at all times like goggles, gloves and helmets. This protection keeps sensitive areas safe in case of an accident, preventing death. 

Precautions while Carrying

One must always carry the glass with both hands to the side. Always use a coworker’s help in transporting a large sheet of glass, and never transport glass under the arm or over the head. 

Safety during Glass breakage

Breaking glass into smaller pieces with one’s hand or foot only increases the risk of getting hurt. In case of breakages, one should never walk or stand on the broken glass. 

Precautions in Transportation

Glass is delicate and is susceptible to breaking. Not identifying breakages after transportation can result in injuries. Examine any packaged glass sheet carefully while unpacking; this will help avoid any unnecessary injuries while carrying.


One must always remain aware of their surroundings and colleagues at work. Staff must ensure that they are never in the line of fire in case of a fire. These measures include always looking above and beside you. 

Glass Storage Safety 

People are often at risk when glass breaks. Since glass tends to be quite delicate, its proper storage is also a precautionary measure. While many accidents occur in manufacturing areas, a significant portion also happens at storage and processing facilities. 

Racking at the Correct Angle

Bowing and venting result in sudden breakage of glass, and this occurs when the angle of the glass sheet against the rack is too great. When too small, the glass falls over to the other side, also resulting in breakage. Typically, an angle of 3-5 degrees is the safest.

Extra precautions 

Mesh-fencing or side supports on racks helps in keeping glass sheets from moving around. Many tend to overlook the sideways movement of glass sheets, and that has caused several serious accidents. 

Toughened glass is also a best choice for your commercial building or home because this is very safe and durable and also looks attractive.

Warehousing and Equipment

Storing large quantities of glass can be daunting. Modern warehouses utilise lift trucks and overhead cranes. Other Glass handling equipment is specifically customisable for extra safety, such as vacuum lifts that provide warning signals in case of vacuum loss. 

While using trolleys, balance is essential. Operators should be well-trained to load and manoeuvre the trolley safely. 


Avoiding glass breakages is essential to keep everyone in the area safe and to prevent monetary losses. Wrapping or packaging glass, especially the corners, can help prevent chipping and edge breaking. 

While setting glass sheets down, one should never place the sheets on a hard surface directly. Always use a cushioning agent to prevent scratches and cracks. 

Manually transporting more than a single sheet at a time increases the risk of accident tenfold. It is less stressful for workers and safer for glass sheets if operators use specialised glass handling equipment like vacuum lifts and forklifts. 

As beautiful as glass is, its care and handling need carrying out with caution. With these measures and the right equipment, any business can make their workspace accident-safe!


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