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Controlio Aids Your Company with Time Tracking and Employee Monitoring

by John Milton
Employee Monitoring

To guarantee productivity, you must keep an eye on your staff members at all times. But how is that accomplished? Not everyone can be watched at once. However, without the right tools, it’s nearly hard to keep an eye on your workers’ output and performance in remote work settings.

Don’t worry; keeping an eye on them all at once can be challenging but doable if you have the right tool. Are you curious as to what it is? Some of the greatest employee monitoring programs are specifically designed for this purpose. This software will assist you in keeping an eye on staff productivity in a number of areas, including time, attendance, and employee computer monitoring Controlio is one software example. You may read a thorough evaluation of Controlio in this post, together with information on all of the goods and services it provides and its costs. Now let’s investigate whether Controlio is worthwhile.

What is Controlio?

As the article previously stated, Controlio is an employee monitoring tool that assists you in keeping tabs on your staff. This program helps you monitor employee performance, attendance, time tracking, and other things that help you run a more productive firm. It is necessary to keep an eye on your employees’ performance regardless of the business you work in. Numerous businesses, including healthcare, architecture, call centers, insurance, legal companies, and many more, can use Workpuls.

The main goods that Controlio sells are

  • Workers’ Surveillance
  • Both duration and presence
  • tracking of time
  • Time mapping that is automatic

The article will go on to provide a thorough explanation of these products. Apart from its many great goods and services, Workpuls can also assist you in safely storing your data.

Supervision of Employees

The software works incredibly well. Workpuls continuously tracks the activity of your employees during working hours and provides you with a comprehensive report on their performance.

You can monitor your employees’ online and application usage, as well as their activity status (both active and idle), with Workpuls. Not only that, but Workpuls also emails you sporadic screen grabs of the computers used by your staff members in addition to screenshots of any questionable or criminal activities. In addition, you have the option to keep an eye on your staff in secret while still receiving real-time reports on their activities.

Time & Visiting

You can utilize the data from tracking every minute of your employees’ time with this program to analyze their productivity. It even makes the payroll process easier by giving all the information required. In order to assist your teams and staff in better time management, it also helps you monitor the amount of time they spend working on projects.

Self managed Mapping

This software’s automatic time mapping feature is yet another compelling feature. This allows you to keep a record of your work, organize projects, and analyze the amount of time spent on each one. You may estimate the resources needed for the upcoming activities and analyze employee productivity by using this program to track and verify how much time your staff members are spending on each task related to their products. It can be quite helpful in reducing human errors as it automatically maintains a log of the time your staff spend on various tasks. By assigning the tasks to the projects directly, it also saves you time.


Every business requires oversight. As a company owner, you have to monitor every aspect of your enterprise. Even though you can manage every other aspect of the job, keeping an eye on every person at once is a challenging chore if you decide to handle it manually by yourself. Workpuls has consolidated all of your requirements into one location to make your life easier. All you need to do is use the program to keep an eye on the output of your staff. Uncertain if it will work? Use the free trial period they are providing to determine whether it meets your needs.

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