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How to create a Facebook page? The Ultimate Guide

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How to create a Facebook page

The pages of  Facebook are important communication tools for businesses through they can update users on all your news, products, offers, and content – create Facebook page

Knowing how to create a  Facebook page is important, as it gives you access to a series of data and reports that help to improve your social media marketing strategy.   

How to create a Facebook page?

To create a Facebook page, you must keep in mind the importance of using social media in your marketing strategy   

From a Fanpage, you can design  Facebook campaigns and run Facebook Ads with different objectives, such as brand awareness, increased traffic to the website or blog, involvement, and much more. Visit Utopia to know more about how to conduct a Facebook ads audit.

And it is very easy to create your page, just in   steps: 

1. Access Facebook 

To create a Facebook page, you must access the link:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/create. 

You will be redirected to a page that offers two paths: “business or brand” and “community or public figure”. 

If you are a company looking to do business through Facebook, the tip is to follow the first option. Now, if you work with an NGO or are an influencer, click on “start” below the option “community or public figure”. 

Each of the categories has very specific subcategories. The intention is to make clear the purpose of your brand here.  

From here, to continue the process, you will need to access your personal Facebook account. She will become the administrator of Fanpage, having her login connected to each other. 

2.  Define  the page name, segment, and description 

The first information you must provide to create your page is the name, the category, and a description. 

The first two are mandatory, and the name must be free – Facebook itself signals if your option is available. 

How to create a Facebook page


The description is the only optional part in this form. There are 255 characters available to inform people about your company, its services, and the purpose of the page. 

3. Choose your profile picture and Fanpage cover 

To continue the process, you must click on the “create page” button in the lower-left corner. 

Now is the time when you will choose the look of your page.  You will see a preview of how your page will look on desktop and mobile.  

These arts must be well related to your brand, already generating an easy relationship between your company and the visitor.

How to create a Facebook page

Once added, just click “Save” in the bottom left corner. 

4. Edit the page information 

Now your page is already created,  but you still need to go ahead with the settings! 

You will need to add: the phone number, your company’s website, the contact email, the location of the establishment,  the service area,  the opening hours, the price range, and the other social media accounts. 

When configuring the schedule,  you will receive a notification if the company is open or closed. A piece of very important information for anyone looking to do business with you, right?

How to create a Facebook page

5. Add a call to action ( call to action ) 

A nice new feature that Facebook added to the pages in recent years was the possibility of adding a  call to action button on the profile. 

The company administrator can direct this button to the following actions: 

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#eb5959″]

  • follow; 
  • gift certificate on the website; 
  • initiate an order; 
  • make a reservation; 
  • call the establishment; 
  • contact us; 
  • send a message via Facebook Messenger; 
  • send a message via WhatsApp; 
  • a send an email; 
  • register; 
  • use the application; 
  • watch a video; 
  • buy now. 


The button appears in the right corner of the profile. 

Add call to action button

6. Make tabs and tabs on your profile 

Facebook also offers the possibility to add custom tabs or categories. They will appear just below your profile picture, in a list format. You can choose from almost 30  guide options. 

This function helps to direct people and customers to specific options such as product presentation, photo highlighting,  information about your establishment’s menu,  among others.  

How to create a Facebook page

Why have a Fanpage and not a profile for your company? 

If you are still in doubt about the reasons for making a Fanpage, we help you. 

We made a list to present the benefits of having a business account and not a personal profile for your company on Facebook. 

Avoid punishment and respect Facebook’s terms of use 

For many years, companies that used a personal profile to friends on Facebook were quite common,  m like the idea of social networking is to connect people and friends,  the platform has evolved to stop and prevent the growth of this type of resource. 

According to Facebook’s terms of service, each user can have a personal profile on the social network. For the social network, the company is not considered a “person” and, therefore, it violates the profile creation rule.    

For this reason, a business account can be  Blocked at any time without prior notice to happen on Facebook.  

Have as many connections as possible 

Another aspect is that a personal profile has a maximum limit of 5,000 friends. This number may seem like a lot to anyone who wants to connect with friends, but it is small for a company that wants to gain recognition on social networks, isn’t it? 

Besides, when you make a personal profile, you must accept “friend requests”. On the Fanpage, the person just “likes” your page to start receiving its contents and updates. 

Access the Facebook creative studio 

One of the great advantages of having a Fanpage is having access to  Facebook  Creator  Studio! 

It is a tool for content creators, intending to make life easier for professionals and page administrators. 

With el to you have access to library posts, the ability to schedule publications, access to all direct messages and comments, collection of sound trials and monitoring data and straightening. 

Make ads and  extend your reach 

An important question for those who work with digital marketing on social networks is to know how the Facebook algorithm works.  

Sponsoring publications and making advertisements are essential, as they help to increase the delivery of your posts and to be able to make strategies for segmenting audiences for better approaches. 

With  Facebook  Ads  you can: 

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#eb5959″]

  • generate leads; 
  • increase engagement with the publication; 
  • invite more people to like the page. 


Adopt  Facebook  Analytics  in the marketing plan 

Marketing is data, right? You cannot make an efficient strategy to achieve your goals without being able to follow the quality indicators (KPIs) and metrics. 

Therefore, access to  Facebook  Analytics makes all the difference to the success of your performance on the social network. 

With Facebook  Analytics it is possible to align the audience data with the persona, optimize what worked and rethink the actions that were not effective and improve the performance of publications and Facebook  Ads. 

Enable  check-ins and  the  markings for your company 

With a Fanpage, people can check-in and mention that they are at your establishment in publications, photos,  etc. This is great for companies that have a physical establishment, such as bars, restaurants, hotels, and beauty salons. 

Besides, for a personal profile, only friends can make appointments. But, in the case of FanPages, everyone can bookmark their page in comments, publications or any other resource. 

Have multiple access  by many administrators 

You can involve your entire team to administer and manage your Fanpage. All of this while staying connected to your personal account at the same time. 

There are different hierarchical levels to choose from: administrator, editor, moderator, advertiser, and analyst. Each having access to a specific group of functions. 

With this organization, you can involve the entire team that will work on the social network, leaving the functions very specific and monitored. In this way, it is easier to have a streamlined and organized job on the social network. 

Now that you understand the importance and how to create a Facebook page, you can not leave this opportunity aside, right?  

Ah, you already have a  personal Facebook account and are thinking about creating a  page from scratch? Calm,  n you will have to anticipate, you can train former profile  FanPage.

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