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Creating A Beautiful Blogging Website – 5 Things To Consider

by John Milton
Are you thinking about creating your own blogging website 

Are you thinking about creating your own blogging website? 

That’s really great. There’s a lot of opportunities to do well with an amazing blogging site. But at the same time, the world wide web is full of millions of blogging sites. That means the competition is much higher than your imagination.

So, you have to ensure that you are doing something great and out of the box to ensure that your website is standing out of the usual box. From designing to the content, you must make sure that everything is in the proper place. 

You will get a lot of tools in order to create your blogging site and maintain it in the proper way. You just need to visit RarBG, and download them at free of cost. But that is not enough. 

5 Things To Consider While Creating A Beautiful Blogging Website

We understand, when it comes to creating a blogging website and also making them in a way that will give your readers the experience they are looking for. There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind, when you are thinking about creating a blogging website. 

Here are is a guide for you that will help you to create a beautiful blogging website. 

No. 1: Technical UX

The speed of your website is really crucial. No one is going to wait for more than 3 seconds to load your website. Apart from that all the web pages of your website must open as soon as your visitor is clicking on it. 

So, when you are setting up your blog, choose the web hosting provider really well. This plays a crucial role in serving your website quickly. You also can reduce the HTTP request by compressing large files, merging multiple styles onto one sheet along with placing scripts at the bottom of the page. 

No. 2: Human-Centered UX

Delivering good human experience should be one of your first priority. For this, you need to understand your target audience and how your audience is operating. That means, you need to conduct a research on both the age and interests of your target audience. 

With Google analytics heat map and funnels you are required to establish user flow. It is always crucial to understand the way your visitors are navigating your website for creating a personalized user experience for your visitors. 

No. 3: Provide Value 

Bringing value to your visitor’s lives should be one of your blog’s first priority. Your audience and visitors are expecting you to solve a problem for them. So, you must not rush to your content, and invest more time in creating content, which will be exciting and also relevant on a long term basis.

Always avoid telling your audience about your success solely. You should also tell them your failure stories as well. When you are providing stats, be really honest with the data and share personal stories in your posts along with writing case studies on both your failures and achievements. 

No. 4: Develop An Experience Funnel

It is really effective to invest both your time and effort in taking your reader on a journey of discovery. You visitors are not going to discover your blog and instantly fall in love with it. In order to reel your readers in and convince them to read your articles, you have to master the art of seduction.

Here, the golden rule is that you have to make sure that you are having a great headline for your story. Using a headline analyzer you also can evaluate the potential headlines. Always follow a proper funnel, that should start with creating awareness, and then gradually make them interested, go with considerations and then conversion. 

No. 5: Create It Sticky And Unforgettable

Informative and faithful content that is glazed with emotional triggers will always help you to hook and also retain readership. We all are curious creatures, who are looking for anders in order to satisfy our interests. 

That is why you need to develop content pieces that will tickle our natural requirement of knowing is a stepping stone for building an excellent blog. When you are looking for ways to hook readers, you need to implement emotional triggers in your content pieces. 

Final Talks

Now, you know what you are required to do, when you are planning about creating a beautiful blogging website. Always keep the above mentioned 5 things in mind at the time of creation. And also maintain the blog on a regular basis to keep your community well-fed.

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