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Crucial Maintenance Tips For A Commercial Refrigerator

by M Sakhawat
Crucial Maintenance Tips For A Commercial Refrigerator

If you are in the foodservice industry, you’ll need reliable commercial refrigeration to store food safely. A refrigerator breakdown can cause significant business loss and disrupt your daily schedules. Therefore, it’s necessary to know some maintenance tips to reduce the unit’s malfunctions and costly repairs.

Clean the Condenser Coil

It is essential to clean the refrigerator’s condenser coil every three months or more, as the manufacturer recommends. It is hard for a dirty coil to maintain temperature. Disconnect the unit from power and use a brush or vacuum to clean the condenser coil.

Avoid Overloading Your Fridge

Commercial refrigerators are intended to store large quantities of foods and drinks. However, putting in too much stuff can affect its performance because the congestion may block airflow, affecting the unit’s cooling capability.

Keep Exterior and Interior Clean

Ensure to clean your unit’s exterior and interior after two weeks or weekly. Remove everything inside and place them in a temporary cooler. Clean the surface with warm water or vinegar and use a brush to clean the shelves. In addition, clean the outside with the proper detergents but avoid scrubbing the stainless part.

Regular Inspection

Constant breakdown of a commercial unit can cause a lot of inconveniences and unnecessary costs. Schedule a regular inspection with a qualified professional to check and spot issues before they get worse. The price of an inspection is lower than repairs, which may require some replacement.

Check the Gasket Regularly

It is best to have a door gasket for your commercial unit. Always check if it has a crack or split because it can prevent the door from closing correctly, causing the cool air to escape the interior. Seek the services of an expert to replace a broken gasket. In addition, keep the gasket free of grease, which causes wear over time.

Close the Door when Not in Use

Keeping the unit’s door open for a long time can put pressure on the compressor, which makes it hotter and uses more energy to remain cool. Always ensure the door is closed to preserve cool air.

Check Tubes and Drain Pans

Always check your drain pan and tubes for sludge and slime buildup. A commercial refrigerator attracts lots of slimes, and if not cleaned regularly, the pan can emit a pungent smell all over the kitchen area. Use warm water and vinegar to clean the pan after some time. Grime can also block the tubes and so ensure you check them to prevent blockage.

Clean the Air Filters Regularly

Grease and dust can build up and block the filters, leading to disrupted air circulation in the unit. Ensure to clean the refrigerator with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and other debris. You can use a greasing solution to clean grease and make sure to change your filters now and then to maintain clean air.

Maintaining your commercial refrigerator will prolong its lifespan and avoid regular breakdowns. Therefore, ensure your unit is inspected regularly, clean the interior and exterior, check the air filters, fix the cracked gasket and check drainpipes and pans. Also you can prefer CO2 refrigerants that are actually the coolant of choice for many commercial refrigerant systems.

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