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Crypto Betting vs Traditional Gambling Sites – Which Stacks Up the Best?

by John Milton
Crypto Betting vs Traditional Gambling Sites – Which Stacks Up the Best

These days, people have access to an increased amount of online gambling platforms. Whether you’re into sports betting, slots, table games, poker, or fantasy sports, there are going to be plenty of ways in which you can easily access platforms that offer these types of gambling options.

Due to the sheer number of different options out there, it can sometimes be hard to narrow down the list of available options. That’s why it can be useful to break down the list into different categories.

One of the main areas of online gambling that has emerged in recent times is crypto-based gambling. These types of platforms have been gaining more players each and every year as more and more people realize the benefits associated with cryptocurrencies. Therefore, we will be mainly comparing crypto gambling sites with traditional online gambling platforms in this article.

The Current State of Sports Betting?

Sports betting has been expanding across the world for many decades. People like having something extra on the line when they are watching their favourite sports. It adds to the excitement of the viewing experience, as you wait to see if your wager has been successful or not.

There are some regions where sports betting has been legal for many years, while other markets have only opened in recent times. For example, sports betting has always been a staple in the UK, with bookmakers being widely regulated for many decades. Then there is the United States where sports betting was largely illegal up until May 2018.

A lot of US residents still placed sports bets, just through the black market. With the ending of the federal ban on sports betting in May 2018, it allowed each state to have the ability to legalize the activity if they wished to do so. This has led to more than 30 different states legalizing sports betting since then.

Other online sports betting markets that have also taken off in recent times include in the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden. Each of these jurisdictions will have its own regulatory framework. Some will be stricter than others when it comes to the restrictions in place on bettors and licensees alike. For example, sports betting options in the UK are often seen as being more restrictive than what you will find in the UK.

How do Crypto Betting Sites Work?

There are a lot of similarities between crypto betting sites offered on sites like cryptocasinos.net and traditional types of betting offerings. Both will usually have a good array of betting options for pre-game and live wagers, as well as catering to both mobile and desktop bettors. However, you will also see that some key differences exist between the two types of offerings.

Crypto betting sites tend to focus more on protecting the privacy of their user base. This means that they often allow users to be a lot more anonymous than they otherwise might be. Some of the pure crypto betting sites will only ask you to set a username and password when creating a new account, not requiring any further personal information.

The range of betting markets is usually very vast with crypto betting sites, covering even the most obscure sports and markets in all corners of the world. Another area where these types of betting sites tend to thrive is when it comes to promotions. You will often find bigger and better welcome offers and regular promotions through crypto betting sites than on regular platforms.

Finally, you will also often have a lot fewer restrictions on bet sizes when dealing with crypto betting sites. You usually won’t need to deal with the likes of strict betting limits and so on, which is not the case with traditional types of betting platforms.

Crypto Sportsbooks vs Traditional Sports Betting Sites

Just like with any type of offering, there are naturally going to be pros and cons associated with both crypto betting sites and traditional platforms. You will be able to weigh up these pros and cons for yourself to see which type of offering is going to be most closely aligned with what you are looking to achieve:

Traditional Betting Sites Pros

·          Good coverage of pre-game and live betting markets

·          Usually is licensed by a respected regulator

·          Ability to self-exclude

·          Wide range of payment options supported

·          Often offers third-party dispute resolution

Traditional Betting Sites Cons

·          Often betting size limits

·          Bonuses are often quite limited

·          Certain payment options like credit cards are not accepted

Crypto Betting Sites Pros

·          Often have large and more frequent betting promotions

·          Offers a huge range of betting markets

·          Allows for a greater level of privacy for making payments

·          Fewer limits on bet sizes

·          Very easy to use

Crypto Betting Sites Cons

·          Not always regulated by a reputable regulator

·          Often no responsible gambling tools

·          Sometimes only crypto is accepted

Weighing up the choices

As you can see, there are tons of similarities between traditional betting sites and crypto betting sites. They will almost always be very comparable when it comes to user experience and access to betting markets. It is in the department of privacy, payment options, and bonuses where they tend to differ. It is a good idea to take some time to figure out what exactly you are looking for in an online betting site before weighing up your options.

Once you figure out which type of betting site you want to go for, you’ll then be able to find a specific platform to sign up for. The process of registering a new account usually takes little to no time at all, no matter which type of betting site you are looking at. You can then enjoy your betting experience with a nice welcome offer and a stunning range of betting options.

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