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CureMD EHR Software: Reviews, Advantages, Characteristics

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CureMD EHR Software Reviews, Advantages, Characteristics 1

This CureMD EHR software for small practices has shown to be exceptionally adaptive with the availability of all modules in a single system, giving any time, anywhere information availability, with 109,000 pleased customers across 44 states and 32 specialties. CureMD EHR Software integrated workflow adjusts to your own preferences and practice style, giving you complete control over your operations.

ONC-ACB Certified

Their EHR, which has been certified by ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, is ranked among the top 20 EHRs by Medical Economics. It is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Their system is jam-packed with enterprise-level features without the complication that has been a hallmark of many similar EHR providers.

What CureMD EHR Offers?

CureMD offers specialty-rich material and decision assistance at a fraction of the cost of competing suppliers, allowing you to provide better treatment at a lower cost. Because of its focus on both software and services, CureMD providers have been able to satisfy all regulatory standards, including ICD-10, PQRS, and Meaningful Use, without sacrificing patient care. With sophisticated automation and collaboration features, the system mimics your existing processes and revitalizes them.

Corporate Scheduling and Intelligent Billing

All components of the system are connected and customized to speed learning, adoption, and service throughout, from KPI dashboards to corporate scheduling, intelligent billing, data mining reports, and EHR. CureMD support stands apart from the competition, as seen by its KLAS rankings, with one of the fastest issue response speeds in the market.

CureMD EHR Main Advantages

Ipad: Avalon – CureMD’s iPad EHR allows clinicians to keep track of patient information, insurance eligibility, and document imaging at any time.

Template Library: CureMD provides a specialty EHR that includes a template library, custom forms, a workflow editor, and material tailored to over 35 specialties.

Personalized Dashboard: CureMD’s personalized dashboard allows customers to view and compare their key performance indicators with the industry average and the practice’s previous performance.

Front Desk: CureMD’s ICD-10 aids front-desk personnel in determining a patient’s insurance eligibility and in educating them about needed insurance plan adjustments.

E-Messaging: Through e-messaging, prescription refills, clinical summaries, and online appointments, patients may directly engage and cooperate with clinicians.

Fewer Errors: Medical data should be charted and documented electronically to reduce human error. Remove any readability or handwriting difficulties that might lead to a misdiagnosis.

Treatment that is more precise: Keep track of a patient’s whole medical history to provide more accurate and efficient treatment with fewer errors in paperwork.

Productivity and Efficiency Gains: With just one short search, you can find out all you need to know about a patient. This, along with fewer mistakes and more precise treatment, allows for a rise in daily traffic and healthcare quality.

Information Security: Keep sensitive medical information safe and secure to avoid it being lost, destroyed, or interfered with. Different access levels can be granted to ensure that no one gets access to sensitive or unnecessary information.

Increased Communication: Using a mobile device, see medical history and speak with patients in real-time to deliver more effective therapy on the road.

Security Measures: Comply with contemporary standards and security measures such as MIPS, MACRA, and HIPPA to avoid penalties and safeguard client data.

Advanced Specialties: Users in fields including allergy, ambulatory surgery, mental health, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, and others may stay nimble and compliant.


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CureMD EHR Characteristics:

Enterprise Scheduling: Automate the management of appointments and workflows across several locations. Color coding is used to schedule appointments and link physicians with specialty equipment. Management of waiting lists, automated eligibility verification, family/group scheduling, repeating appointments, chain scheduling, and SMS/email reminders are all included.

Avalon EHR: Using the Avalon EHR app for iOS, securely add lab orders, diagnoses, vitals, and other patient information. Using the CPOE system in the iPad EHR, review, acknowledge, sign, and assign lab findings.

Lab Results: Patients may use their own device to examine lab results, schedule appointments, request medication refills, make payments online, and get communications from their doctors.

Workflow and Process Editor: Using the configurable workflow and process editor, create component templates, data forms, and a knowledge base to make it easier to adjust to users’ preferences.

Auto Note: Create phrases and paragraphs based on your preferences and automatically write notes using customisable templates.

Reports: Clinical results and reports are aggregated in accordance with national benchmarks and P4P criteria.

EKG Management System with Integrated EKG: This functionality, accessible in Cardiology EHR, allows you to digitize EKG objects and properties for storage directly in the EHR. Reports should include integrated patient records with the essential data.

Interoperability: For interoperability, share information with stakeholders and link to health information exchanges, pharmacies, payers, and others.

Connectivity Access: Connect prescribers and pharmacies to create a drug knowledge base, medication reconciliation, refill requests, and restricted substance e-prescribing. It also connects you to hundreds of pharmacies around the country and gives you access to prescription benefits and adverse reaction information.

Electronic labs: Using lab interface, send orders and get lab results electronically. Trending and job assignments are included, as well as comparisons of current and previous outcomes and alarms for aberrant findings.

Document Imaging: Use an integrated PACS system to capture, scan, and attach paper charts, clinical pictures, photos, X-rays, audio recordings, and medical drawings directly within CureMD.

Revenue Cycle Management: Claims preparation, same-day electronic claim filing, follow-up, electronic payment posting, and other features help convert medical services into cash payments.

Discrete Reportable Transcribing: Use an overnight transcription service to populate dictations in pre-designed templates for reduced documentation costs and discrete clinical results.

Dashboards that are tailored to you: User-defined KPIs, financial predictions, activities, and trends are all included in easy-to-use dashboards.


The virtual doctor’s clinic, Cure MD!


With Cure MD, I was able to save a significant amount of time when it came to transmitting findings and recommendations. It saves both the patient and the medical professional time in their day!

Pros: Shakespeare’s days are filled with papers and pencils! Cure MD not only makes you feel like you’re in the future, but it also saves you a lot of time and effort when it comes to filing and organising. Years’ worth of secret medical imaging reports, blood results, and other information can be stored. Cure MD is popular among the workforce since it is simple to use.

Cons: There are no drawbacks to CureMD! Every medical clinic should have a CureMD!


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