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15 must know Cyber Security Interview Question and answers 2021

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15 must know Cyber Security Interview Question

15 must-know Cyber Security Interview Question and answers 2021. Clearing the interview for a job in the cybersecurity sector can be a nightmare for many professionals. Understanding and reading sample interview questions can actually be very beneficial for the professionals as it helps in understanding different concepts and the pattern of questions that they might face in their coming interview. The 15 must-know cyber security interview questions are –

What is Cryptography Cryptography is actually a method which helps professional in understanding the entire process of securing Information and communication in order to protect the data and information from any third party?

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  1. What are the components of the CIA triad?

There are three components of the CIA triad, which is also how this actor name is formed. It is the combination of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of numerous components of data.


  1. Explain a Firewall

A firewall is considered to be one of the most important parts of the cybersecurity department as it works as a security system checking up on the people trying to gain access into the device. The entry of malicious software from the device.


  1. What are the major benefits experienced by organizations while adapting to cybersecurity? 

As you know that the CASP Online Training sector is one of the most desired sectors in the organization, it provides your organization with a lot of benefits for which it is given a lot of importance. Organizations that don’t have a proper cybersecurity system have always used a lot of troubles when it comes to keeping the data safe. Having a well-developed system is very important to have an overall competitive growth of the organization. The first benefit of cybersecurity is that this helps a particular organization to protect themselves and their own business from different cybercrime such as hacking, malware attacks, phishing, and a lot more. Cybersecurity is also focused on the protection of end-user, which makes it very desirable. Cybersecurity is not specific to the data and information only, and it also helps in protecting the network and applications which are used throughout the organization. Usage of good cybersecurity systems helps in increasing the recovery time after a breach situation. Completely restrict the usage of unauthorized use your sweet and sure that all the data and information of the organization is safe and secure.


  1. Describe a three-way handshake

A three-way handshake is actually a method that helps in the exhibition of a connection between the host and the client. This is called a three-way handshake as it is a three-step method that helps in the establishment of the entire connection.


  1. What do you understand by a traceroute? 

Traceroute is actually a tool that helps in showing the user the original part of a pocket.


  1. Mention all the steps to secure a server. 

To secure the server for stepper setting up a secure password which is only available to the administrator. This is then followed by setting out administrators for users to manage the entire system after the removal of all remote access—the last empress establishing a firewall system for the server.


  1. What do you understand by data leakage?

Data leakage is the term given to outsourcing authorized data to an authorized destination intentionally or unintentionally.


  1. What are the three ways to prevent a brute force attack? 

The most effective three ways to prevent a brute force attack by setting up a minimum password length, setting up a minimum password complexity by including different formats and the last one is limiting the login attempts of one particular user.


  1. Mention all the port scanning techniques. 

The five major port scanning techniques are ping scan, TCP half-open, TCP connect, UDP, and Stealth scanning.


  1. List down all the OSI layers. 

The OSI layers are the application layer, presentation layer, session layer, transport layer, network layer, data link layer, and physical layer.


  1. What do you mean by a VPN? 

VPN is a virtual private network that helps in establishing a secure connection for the user without any encrypted connection having the knowledge about its presentation.


  1. Name the three types of hackers?

The three types of hackers are Black hat hackers, white hat hackers, and grey hat hackers.


  1. What is the most effective way of turning the network system? 

The most beneficial and efficient way of standing in the network systems by using ethical hackers to identify the weak loopholes in the network. Police allow organizations to date in order to enhance the connections and security of the network.


  1. Mention certain common cyber-attacks. 

The most common cyber-attacks are malware, password attacks, the man in the middle, Rogue software, identity theft, and a lot more.

These are the most common cybersecurity interview questions a person is most likely to face while sitting for an interview for a job in the cybersecurity sector.

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