The Most Dazzling Skyscrapers in Barcelona, Spain

The Most Dazzling Skyscrapers in Barcelona, Spain. The most punctual high rises were worked in Spain Chicago. And New York during the second 50% of the nineteenth century. And was somewhere in the range of 10 and 20 stories high.

Mechanical advances during the twentieth century implied that structures could develop ever taller and present-day high rises are normally more than 100 meter. And frequently arrive at statures in an overabundance of 150 meter.

The horizon of Barcelona, where the pinnacle structures usually remain under 150 meters high, grasps maintainable plan, innovativeness and its own character. Here are the six most wonderful high rises in Barcelona that you can explore if you visit Spain through PIA flight booking.

1.     Hotel Arts

This high rise has been, with the neighboring Torre Mapfre, the most noteworthy structure in Barcelona, since it was planned by Bruce Graham for The Olympic Games in 1992. Both are situated in the waterfront of the Vila Olímpica, and only a couple of steps from the meaningful model of Frank Gehry called El Prix d’Or.

The Hotel Arts were roused by the tasteful of cutting edge engineering as should be obvious in its edge a steel structure that is totally uncovered, making the veneer with this exoskeleton, there is the window ornament divider, which offers noticeable quality to the mechanical picture and permits aeronautical perspectives on the narrows.

2.     Gas Natural Office Building

In 2006, Barcelona invited the new gas organization base camp, otherwise called Mare Nostrum Tower, which was the last perfect work of art of Enric Miralles, with its 85 meters, the polyhedral arrangement of this structure uncovers to passers-by another point of view each time, through its topsy-turvy plan and the glass drape divider exteriors.

The fundamental component is a vertical high rise, which is associated with a tower molded module. And a flat structure dependent on the fifth floor of the pinnacle, simultaneously  The glass outside adds to the making of a variable nearness, bringing the watcher specular reflections and contorted pictures of the earth.

3.     Torre Agbar

The Agbar Tower was initiated in 2005 as the central station for the Aigües de Barcelona water organization. Said to speak to a spring sprouting out of the ground. The hello there tech 142m tall pinnacle immediately turned into a symbol of the Barcelona horizon.

In 2013 Aigües de Barcelona sold the structure. Which they at that point leased from its new proprietor until abandoning the premises in 2015. From that point forward the structure has stood void amid hypothesis concerning what the future has available.

4.     Hotel Porta Fira

Even though this honor winning high rise is set in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, seven kilometers from Barcelona. It works like the primary entryway of the city in the south. Its natural geometry planned by Toyo Ito and the firm b720 Arquitectos is a piece of a double creation finished by asymmetrical place of business, both are 113 meters high, yet the inn calls attention to because of its slimness and variable form in splendid red.

This wonderful exterior comprises of two layers with explicit capacities. The inward skin encases the living space. While the outside dermis is by all accounts persistent surface gratitude to an assortment of autonomous longitudinal containers of aluminum that receive the winding geometry.

5.     Edifici Colón

Barcelona is renowned for its engineering and throughout the years has grasped every structural style. It should not shock anyone then that it has a couple of carefully guarded secrets. The ugliest of which is a 110m tall solid beast called Edifici Colón.

Worked in 1970 in the then mainstream brutalist style, Edifici Colón is a place of business beat by a fish and fish eatery called Marea Alta. The eatery gets great audits from the two local people and visitors and flaunts fantastic all-encompassing perspectives. If you want to save some money on the tour, we recommend you book cheap flight tickets in advance.

6.     Meliá Barcelona Sky

The main structure planned by Dominique Perrault in Spain was Hotel Mélia Barcelona Sky. Which reaches up to 120 meters in the Avinguda Diagonal. The task reacts to its urban setting all through a piece that comments on the possibility of transparency and development.

Guests can without much of a stretch see it when taking a gander at the two towers. As though once they had been a similar standard volume. After a longitudinal cut, while one of the parts slid up to the sky. The other remained put on the ground. This dynamic impact is strengthened by its light veneer. Which comprises of glass boards of various surfaces.


Though Spain is currently suffering from the worst pandemic. It is hoping that the tourist would start visiting the country once the pandemic is over. So, you can visit if you want to book the ticket in advance.