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Design an effective postcard

by M Sakhawat
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Direct mail is still alive and relevant today. Research shows that 77% of Millennials pay attention to direct mail, while 67% of recipients say direct mail is more personal than digital mail or the Internet, and 55% of recipients even look forward to receiving mail from their mailbox.

In addition, 61% of mail recipients said their decisions are directly influenced by direct mail, and 51% of recipients find direct mail on postcards useful. With these statistics, the question arises: How do you design an effective laminated postcard?

Postcard design tips

Whatever the purpose of the laminated postcard, the end goal is always the same. Increase the return on investment (ROI). Many businesses use laminated postcards as part of the company’s advertising campaign. But, there are several functions that these postcards can serve:

  • Holiday cards.
  • Thank-you cards.
  • Postcards can be used to advertise or promote a cause.
  • They serve as an advertisement for a company, its services, or its products.
  • They can be used to send invitations for upcoming events.
  • When new products are launched, you can use laminated postcards to inform potential attendees.
  • Real estate agents use postcards to advertise sold properties.

1. Focus on the audience

The card should be designed with the audience in mind. It is important to understand the tone and design of the card and the purpose it serves. Include a call to action.

2. Maximise space

Laminated postcards come in a variety of sizes. It can be difficult to get the entire message across on one card. Use images that complement the text to maximize space.

3. Use high-quality images

Great images support the text and evoke a response.

4. Include a compelling offer

One-time offers inspire action. Make sure the offers are tailored to the target audience. Add a time limit to generate action.

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