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Design and How It Affects a Company’s Profits

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Design and How It Affects a Company's Profits

When first getting acquainted with the brand, the user sees its shell – the design. The client evaluates the color solution, graphic elements. In just 20 seconds he has enough to evaluate the main sites and decide whether to trust the company or not. But is the design that important?

What Does the Designer Do in the Company?

For the average person, design is just a few colors and a logo. This is a mistake. A designer deals with the complete packaging of a business. It involves several stages. If you have outsourced a designer, the designer should understand what you want, how you see your brand, how and in what time frame the project will be implemented.

Preparing for the Job

Preparing references. These are supporting images, which can be different from screenshots of these online pokies NZ to professional photos. They have details, elements that can be useful to work with and visualize the project. In a sense, they are also a sample. You, as the client, should also be given them to decide beforehand.

Next comes the coordination. The definition of basic colors and their shades, fonts. If the designer completely prepares the brand package, the work also includes the creation of logos, “dies”, and additional unique elements. They too may differ in appearance, size and execution.

Where the Design Is Realized

A unique design is prepared for each site of communication separately, according to the corporate identity, which the designer invents in advance. After all, each of them has its own specifics. For example, for the Instagram feed it is necessary to make a layout of the feed and the actual. For the site is more laborious work.

Before the designer faces a much more difficult task than just the embodiment of the desires of the client. He has to make the website user-friendly. He distributes the blocks, text content, presentations, videos so that the elements are intuitive. Due to the design is familiarity with the site and the interaction with the brand.

How Design Affects Profits

You may think that design is a waste of money. It is like at university: first you work for your credits, then it works for you. It’s the same with business packaging. You invest in high-quality visualization, and what you get in return:

  • Increased loyalty from your customers. If a user does not like the overall look of your brand, he will never buy anything and will dissuade his friends from buying it.
  • Brand recognition. Unique elements, sticky animations and illustrations leave a mark on the customer. Even a certain combination of colors and a good slogan.
  • Profitability. Usability, quality, memorable visuals. All this will increase the conversion rate of the site, attracting new customers who will definitely buy.

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