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Diamond drawing dies: Tips to increase wire dies service life

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Diamond drawing dies: Tips to increase wire dies service life

According to the industry experts, Wire Drawing Dies are considered to be a vital consumable product especially for wire drawing. It is produced by different metal wire manufacturers for various types of businesses. A good number of people are found to complain about carbide wire drawing types not being wear-resistant. This only results in various types of problems concerning the drawing process. Hence, it becomes essential to know some tips to reduce effectively wire die consumption cost. Also you should know how to increase the service life as much as possible. This is a concern that most metal wire manufacturers are expected to solve.

Ways to enhance carbide drawing dies service life

Doing some research on diamond drawing dies on the web will provide with ample knowledge about dies and the ways to improve their service life. This is crucial and should be emphasised upon. Going through reputed portals like https://www.szwiredie.com/ can give a clear idea of what needs to be done and avoided.

  • Check carefully wire drawing machine: Do check for the drawing machine’s stability before drawing. Ensure no vibration phenomenon is present. Otherwise, chances are that the drawing die could be damaged.
  • Reasonable grade choice for pcd wire drawing dies: Based on the material size, mechanical and physical properties, there exist reasonable cemented carbide die grades in the market to choose from. When drawing low carbon steel, for instance, the selection should be between YH8 or YG6. YG6X grade is the best choice for high carbon steel wire drawing.
  • Appropriate lubricant: It is important to select the most appropriate lubricant that offers excellent lubrication performance like wire-drawing lubricant powder. This helps optimize the drawing dies lifespan. The lubricant used also should offer good cooling, lubrication job in working area and reduce friction. It does help a lot if drawn at very high speed. The experienced wire drawing dies manufacturers can help you provide more valuable information about the same.
  • Thorough cleaning: Wire surface is to be cleaned and dried properly before drawing. If not done, then it is likely to reduce the mold’s overall service life. Also, the wire surface will result in scratches, thereby affecting its surface finish. Nd dies wires known for its uneven or excessive hardness are to be hardness-reduced. This can be done by tempering or annealing as well as elongated thereby maintaining excellent hardness uniformity.
  • Check regularly wire die: While performing drawing process, metal particles tend to adhere to the core’s inner hole. Scratches arise on the metal surface, meaning drawing should be stopped immediately. Adhered metal particles are to be removed and inner hole polished well. A reasonable method will be to carry out regular inspections of the Natural Diamond Drawing Die. You should not wait for the development of metal particles on the inner hole’s walls.
  • Compression ratio: Based on drawn wire performance and size, choose appropriate compression rate. Excessively small compression rate will only increase production cost of ND Drawing Dies. Again too high will mean, the mold’s life get reduced significantly even leading to mold breakage.

Therefore following the above tips will help ensure enhance service life of wire dies.

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