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Dies for drawing wire: Know the factors that control the process?

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Dies for drawing wire Know the factors that control the process

When metal processing is concerned, external force is used to allow stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminium and other metals that are forced via Wire Drawing Dies. Then cross section gets compressed to form desired size and shape.

Problems and Solutions for wet drawing

Problems and Solutions for wet drawing

It is possible to divide the drawing process into wet and dry drawing. This is based on the different lubricants and equipment used.

  • Firstly, wet drawing process selection is aimed at small surface or diameter finish or metal drawing having special need of advanced processing technology.
  • Wet drawing lubrication selection is mostly based upon comprehensive consideration of mold, raw materials, downstream application, surface quality, etc.
  • Stainless steel drawing, for example, there is used special extremely pressurized additives along with high viscosity pure oil. Emulsion is desired for carbon steel. Synthetic oil, pure oil or emulsion is used for non-ferrous metals. This is based on final application needs. Paste is selected for special requirements.

Problems faced with metal dies for drawing wire

In actual operation, be it wet or dry drawing process, there is likely to emerge different types of problems. Getting to know the common problems can help derive the most effective solutions.

  • Wire discoloration: Wire surface discoloration like copper is mostly oxidation discoloration. It is the result of extreme humidity and improper temperature conditions. Even emulsion concentration could be extremely low or because of abnormal temperature. Excess oil gets attached to wire. Again water quality may be unqualified. Foreign oil products can be mixed, etc. Corresponding measures are to be taken to identify discoloration reasons. Check if diamond drawing dies oil overflow at outlet part. Eliminate foreign oil if found mixed in emulsion.
  • Large die wear: The main reason for large die loss can be stated as improper machine operation. The other can be wrong lubricant choice. In case the machine fails to work properly, then the operator will require continuous practice. Before each operation, the operator will check the working condition. Lubricant does play a crucial role to assist as well as promote wire drawing method. You can select quality ones at https://www.szwiredie.com/. Most businesses appreciate drawing hand products. It comes in a variety of products to cover all desired drawing applications.
  • Broken wire, burr and scratch: Burr, scratch and wire breakage may affect significantly product quality and appearance. Its causes could be the result of metal chip contamination, die hole getting blocked or aging of lubricant due to direct contact between die and metal caused by insufficient lubrication. Filtering equipment can help eliminate such issues. It removes blockage, metal chips lubricant. You need to select the best quality PCD wire drawing dies.
  • Excessive surface precipitates/Emulsion delamination: Ultra-high hardness, low pH, invasion of microorganisms, inorganic water salt for liquid preparation combined with emulsion of high temperature is likely to result in emulsion stratification. It may also result in excessive wire rod surface precipitation. It is essential for the rod to be targeted.

For quality pcd dies, refer to reputed manufacturers who can provide quality solutions.

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