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What are the differences between various types of Eyelash Extensions?

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types of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have become one of the biggest fads of the beauty industry. Well, there is a good reason behind it, after all. They add to the volume and length of one’s natural eyelashes, enhancing the features of the eye and proffering an attractive look. They also curb the time spent behind makeup concerning the eye by adding splendor to the entire face by themselves.

In the market, lash vendors offer an assortment of eyelashes. The categories vary depending on their material, length, curl type, thickness, and several other factors.

Types of Eyelash Extensions 

Eyelash extensions can be of different kinds based on the material of the lashes. Overall, there are five types available in the market. They include:

  • Silk lash extensions
  • Synthetic lash extensions
  • Mink lash extensions
  • Sable lash extensions
  • Animal fur lash extensions

Among these types, the silk, synthetic, and mink variety are the most popular and used eyelash extensions.

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In this article, let us discuss some of the features, benefits, and drawbacks of each of the three fake eyelash extensions.

Silk Lash Extensions

With a shinier appearance and attractive look, silk eyelash extensions are in high demand in the market.


  • Mid-weight type
  • Comparatively more flexible
  • Porous
  • Composed of a unique type of fiber
  • Soft Texture
  • Come in different lengths and curls
  • Give off a natural look


  • Are perfect for those with weak natural eyelashes.
  • Strong and can hold their shape and curls well for extended periods
  • Useable for a long time
  • Give a dramatic effect


  • They may be heavy on the eye for some people
  • They are costlier than most eyelash extensions
  • Poor-quality ones can look thick and unnatural

Synthetic Eyelash Extensions

Many people use synthetic eyelashes as they are made of synthetic materials and can minimize eye infections.


  • Materials comprising it is Poly-Butylene Terephthalate (PBT)
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Firmest of all types
  • Give an acrylic and polished feel
  • Found with a colossal number of curl and thickness types
  • Hold their curl well


  • They are the least expensive options of all
  • They are most suitable for girls with dense natural eyelashes
  • They last for a very long time without destroying the curls


  • They are comparatively heavy and are thus, avoided by most
  • The sheen of the lashes may beget an unnatural and fake look for some people

Mink Eyelash Extensions

Due to their enormous popularity, statistics can say that mink lash vendors earn the most among all other types.

Also, you can prefer 6D Mink Lashes that make your eye beautiful.


    • Are of 2 types- ‘real’ mink lashes (made from the fur of the animal mink) and faux mink (made from PBT)
    • Exceptionally soft and silky
    • Retain their curls for a longer time
    • Light in weight
    • Shinier than silk lashes


    • They can retain their curls even after wetting
    • They provide a natural look that closely resembles that of real eyelashes
    • Individuals with weaker eyelashes can use them as they are considerably light-weight


    • They are more expensive than synthetic and silk extensions
    • They may break easily

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