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Digital Marketing

Welcome to the new session of Digital Marketing. In this new session, we will learn that what is Digital Marketing, how can we use it, and how Digital Marketing is important.

What is Digital Marketing?

If you want to recognize Digital Marketing, then it is very simple. If we have a product or service, the strategies we develop to bring the product or service to markets, such as product size, color, price, and the audience that our products will target is called Marketing Strategy.

So the question arises that what is Digital Marketing here? Is it something diverse from Marketing? Do we need some technical skills?

Basically, Digital Marketing has two basic objectives

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  • Brand awareness
  • Lead Generation


Brand awareness

is to give recognition of the product or service to the audience. For example, Decades ago there were a lot of brands we didn’t know about. But now they did a lot of digital marketing, used a lot of mediums and offline marketing for their brand and they became famous.

In fact, it is the public awareness of this brand that ensures that this particular company really exists.

Let us take an example, The Airbnb company, founded in 2008 in San Francisco. This is a rental and travel experience company posted 2500 listing in 2009 but in 2019, 2 million people were staying in Airbnb rental each night. So this is brand awareness about a particular company.

Lead Generation

means, if we think about listing a new business then we should keep people inquires and consumer interest about the product or service. We can do this by Digital Marketing through online inquires.

So in short, Digital Marketing is the combination of Brand Awareness and Lead Generation.

Now we proceed further and try to know what is the connection between Digital Marketing and Conventional or Traditional Marketing.

Why Digital Marketing?

Why do we want to use digital marketing, what is the reason behind it?

Here are some factors:

Global Reach in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Global Reach

If you put an ad in the newspaper or run on the radio, then you should know some basic facts.

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  • What is the radius of the Ad?
  • How many people will get this Ad?
  • Is it bound to a specific area?


Let us explain these factors with an example.

If you start online and offline digital marketing courses, you put ads in the newspaper, then how many people will reach or read your ad? Obviously, limited people. They can reach the physical space of your institute but their quantity will also be limited.

But just think, if people are accessing your online courses thousands of miles from your physical location and are connected to your channel or website, then the capacity of people will be greater.

This means that people from all over the world can access your product (service, channel, website). This is the biggest positive side of Digital Marketing.

That is why each and every Company must do this to explore their brand to their customers, readers, and users. Without Digital Marketing, your Company can miss plenty of customers. It’s called Global Reach.

Audience Targeting and Segmentation

Audience Targeting and Segmentation

This is another factor that targets a specific audience. Let us explain it with an example:

If you are watching a TV serial with your family and the shampoo ad appears then you will not take it seriously. Because it’s so basic, you know your mom or dad will come up with a shampoo and you’ll use it.

Meanwhile, the jewelry ad appears, then it will target your mother, wife, or sister because the jewelry ad is for women and not for men.

So Audience Targeting and Segmentation is very perfect to target a specific audience. You can target any type of audience. We can target the audience by following:

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  • Location: Country, State, City and Area
  • Demographics: Age, Gender, Education and Personal info
  • Target by interest


Let discuss the above factors by example:

Suppose, Yamaha Bike Company gives me a project to do Digital Marketing 2020 new Yamaha bikes. If I do marketing for everyone then it doesn’t make sense. More likely, I show an ad to the ladies then it doesn’t make sense.

Now I have to plan that ad in such a manner that it should target the particular audience.

What to do…???

This is very simple, first I will take the age group from 18-40 years and then gender (male). So this means that I am targeting the males with an age group of 18-40 years for the new Yamaha Bike 2020.

So tell me to know that, are these my targeted audience? Clearly, YES!

We can target any audience to suit their needs.

Now I am going to discuss some interesting facts on Facebook. if you advertise on Facebook then Facebook will ask you the targeted audience.

Even if someone updates their status with Baby Birth, then you can target this kind of audience. There are a lot of online baby stores or kinds of stores that sell only kid’s and baby’s products. This will be an exclusive target.

The most important aim of Digital Marketing is to target the audience perfectly.

Cheap and Effective

Cheap and Effective

Generally, when someone asks to run his product’s ad of Television then they will take thousands of dollars to run an ad of just 10-15 seconds. Similarly, putting ads on newspapers and radio is not free, they will also take a lot amount of money.

We do marketing in a very cheap and effective way by using Digital Marketing technologies. Some technologies have zero cost and without any investment to promote your business. But you have to work on your projects.

That’s why each Company uses Digital Marketing techniques to grow their business by zero cost.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Investment (ROI)

If I have a company and I have paid $ 2000 for advertising, I have advertised on television, radio, and in newspapers, so there is no guarantee that after paying $ 2000 for advertising my product will grow.

No matter you are paying millions of dollars to the ad, but no guarantee will be there.

A special feature of Digital Marketing is that you can measure how your business is growing, how much you have invested, and whether you are getting the desired results.

This is very simple that Digital Marketing has a lot of easy features and has benefits instead of traditional marketing. That’s why Digital Marketing is growing day by day.

With time, old technology has been replaced by new technologies.

The radio was invented earlier but now how many people listen to the radio? Later, television was introduced. People watched television instead of listening to the radio.

That’s why, as the internet was introduced, then plenty of people left to watch television and turned to YouTube and other media websites.

Everyone has Digital Marketing techniques, whether they are rich or poor, or has a small company or large company.

Hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, then show it in the comment box.

Best of luck!


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