Mouthwatering Dishes For The People Going From Lahore To Islamabad

The restaurant industry of Islamabad has recently renovated the cuisine culture of the city. With the arrival of various dining bars and prestigious hotels, Islamabad has become a specialized city in the food industry. The expanded culinary area of the city is testimony to the craving of residents for food. It has been estimated that if the culinary growth continues to accelerate like this, the day is not far when the city will beat Lahore and Karachi in food tourism.

Islamabad is not a city that represents provincial autonomy. Instead, it is a city that infuses the cultures of all the provinces in it. If you are from Lahore and are going to Islamabad through PIA Online Booking, here is a list of all the items you can taste in Islamabad.

1.     Garlic Toast from Chayekhana

No breakfast in Islamabad is complete without the scrumptious garlic toast from Chayekhana. This hotel is flooded with the locals on the weekends, and you would not find even a single empty chair to sit on. It offers tea of dozens of flavors, and tasting the garlic toast with the chocolate flavor tea will make your Sunday complete. This mushroom toast is also popular in Rawalpindi, and people from different cities come here just to taste it.

2.     Roll Pratha from F-10 Markaz

Even though the paratha roll is famous all across the entry, it is in Islamabad, where you will get the best of it. The F-10 Markaz has various food stalls and restaurants where you can easily get this item, which is considered as an essential item for every person. The paratha is filled with the chicken pieces and is served with spicy ketchup and sauce. Once you eat it, you will be compelled to lick your fingers as its taste will haunt you for good.

3.     Cheese Naans of Monal

Terming Monal hotel, one of the best in Pakistan, would not be an exaggeration owning to the quality of its food and amazing service. The hotel has branches spread all across the country, including Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. At Monal Islamabad, not only will you be able to taste the best desi cuisine, but you will also see witness the breathtaking views of the Margalla Hills as the hotel is situated atop one of the hills. The naans filled with juicy cheese will surely overwhelm you.

4.     Chinioti Handi from Mr. Chips

It is famously said in Islamabad that you have not lived your life if you have not visited Mr. Chips restaurant. Undoubtedly, Lahoris will love this traditional dish cooked with spicy chicken and served with spicy hot naans. The restaurant is one of the oldest in the city and is famous for its elegant food and affordable rates. Once you taste the delicious curry, you will be drooling for more. Furthermore, the waiters of the restaurant are immensely hospitable, thereby attracting every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

5.     Mantu Gul Chicken

Mantu Gul hotel lies adjacent to the Faisal Mosque and has earned the reputation of being one of the finest restaurants in Islamabad. Lush green trees and pristine meadows surround the hotel. Its absolute hygienic food will surprise you and your soul. The setting of the restaurant is like a Dhaba where you will find the best chicken dishes in the city. Mantu Chicken is a Central Asian dumpling that is baked with butter and garlic. Booking Lahore To Islamabad Flights in advance will ensure that you get the tickets at affordable rates.

6.     Nutella Paratha from Paratha Party

Paratha Party has introduced a highly successful business model in the streets of Islamabad. Currently, it has a chain that consists of three dhabas and is optimistic about opening more branches. Even though all of their dishes have distinct tastes, it is Nutella Paratha that beats all of them. It is served with the layers of chocolate sandwiched between the soft dumplings. The sweet flavor and the crunch inside the parathas will certainly satiate your hunger. Amazingly, the cost of the parathas is not high, and anyone can easily afford them.

7.     Steak from Porterhouse

This place in Kohsar is just another branch of Qureshi Meat shop. It has a pre-established name in the market, and people know it for steaks and other meat items. The porterhouse has carved a name for itself among the steak lovers. Their steaks are not only tasty but also gorgeous, and you would be willing to pay even for their glimpse. The steaks of various kinds, including beef, mutton, and lamb, are available here. The extra spice and the reddish color of the steaks will sure water your mouth.

Final Words

Tourism is not just about visiting new places. It is also about experiencing the culture up close, and the best way to experience the culture of Islamabad is through tasting its dishes. These dishes will never betray your expectations.

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