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Do You Really Need a Realtor When Buying a Brand-New Home?

by M Sakhawat
What Are The Things To Consider Before Shifting Your Home

This is one of those age-old questions people have pondered and debated about for decades or more now. So, what has come out of all those discussions? Do you really need to hire a realtor when buying a property, especially if you want a brand-new house? 

We all know that real estate agents get a hefty commission when they sell a house. Their commissions are typically structured at a percentage of the sale. However, the seller is the one who pays the real estate commissions in just about every deal, except if otherwise specified in the contract. 

So, if you are interested in buying a brand-new construction house for sale, then contacting a realtor can save you time, money, and any potential inconveniences during the sale. 

Here are the top reasons why Realtors can help you and are important to have during a real estate purchase or sale. 

What Is A Real Estate Agent (Realtor)

A real estate agent is a licensed professional with the state they work within, who works directly for a Real Estate Broker, who employs agents to buy and sell homes. These agents are responsible to adhere to state laws concerning all aspects of real estate. More importantly, a realtor should be an expert in the local neighborhoods, home builders, current prices, and market conditions, for the areas they work within. 

Any agent that you work with should provide outstanding service and guidance. Trust is paramount because you are literally putting your families well-being into someone’s hands and should be able to count on them to be honest and give you all the possible outcomes for you to choose what’s the best for your family’s situation.

They can help you make offers or determine the correct selling price of your house to sell.

How Can Realtors Help Me Buy a New House?

It is true! Brand new homes are sold by the builders directly to people or through their real estate agent. The price doesn’t change if you buy from a builder directly, or choose to utilize a realtor’s guidance, to do so.

The upside for buyers is HUGE!

A professional real estate agent who has experience dealing with the new home builders near you, will undoubtedly know the special programs, discounts, and offers that can save you time and money.

Example – Let us say for a second that you need to sell your current home first, and then want to purchase a brand-new house. But how can you get both deals done in time and not leave yourself homeless? 

Well, that’s where a realtor comes in because they can negotiate both of your transactions and make sure that you have the time you need to move. Timing is everything and mistakes are typically costly in real estate. 

Your realtor should coordinate everything themselves and should have the right people in place to handle any problems or issues that arise. 

What Negative Things Do People Say About Hiring a realtor?

The biggest complaint that people have is that they must pay real estate commissions to sell their homes. That is true and these commissions are considerable at five or six percent, the typical amount charged to sellers for their realtor’s services.

If you do not have experience with selling homes, dealing with title companies, understanding escrows and inspection periods, then you shouldn’t try it alone.

Not to mention, how will you know what to price to list your home for sale at?

Realtors know this type of stuff and they might make you more money than you thought you could make. The local housing market is constantly changing and taking advantage of it at the right time is paramount for a positive result. 


Millions of houses are sold every month around the world. Some are represented by real estate agents, and some are not. It is really a personal choice whether or not to hire an agent when that time comes. Many people can handle buying and selling homes on their own, hence, for sale by owner.

However, keep in mind that studies show hiring a realtor makes the process much easier for you and gives you the highest chances to get the most money for your house for sale today!

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