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Does Hot Tub Size Matter?

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Does Hot Tub Size Matter?

If you’re in the market for hot tubs, you will probably be presented with a variety of different shapes and sizes. Choosing between the different options available can seem difficult. You’re probably wondering about the comparison between fixed and inflatable hot tubs, the different price comparisons, brand names, and much more. We’re here to focus on one aspect of your hot tub shopping experience: size. Here are all the things you should consider before deciding on the size of your hot tub.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Before anything else, the hot tub should fit within the dimensions of the area you’ve decided to put it – the deck or backyard, or your indoor gym. Small hot tubs are great for tight spaces like decks, where you might not have the option to increase the dimensions much. So, before you set out to buy a hot tub, make sure to take exact measurements of wherever you intend to install it. 

How Do You Intend On Using The Hot Tub?

Let’s say that you have all the space you need to house a hot tub of any size. Does that mean you should get the biggest one possible? The answer depends on how you want to use the tub. After all, the energy costs of running a larger hot tub are drastically higher, so you should only get a larger one if you need it. 

Most people who want to invite friends over get a hot tub that has space enough for around 6 adults – that’s more than enough. But if you’re more likely to prefer soaking in the hot tub on your own, then maybe consider getting a single or two-person hot tub.

Hot tubs that are big enough for 8 to 12 people are usually only seen in commercial spas because many groups like to join each other or make an event out of it. They are also seen in gyms where it is cheaper to install and maintain one large hot tub than it is to install several smaller ones. 

Can You Handle The Running Costs?

As we’ve previously mentioned, the energy costs (and other running costs) of a larger hot tub are definitely higher. Even if you can afford the one-time cost of installing a larger hot tub, you may not have the monthly income to pay for the running costs without feeling like you’re spending a fortune.

So before you purchase a larger hot tub ask the salesperson how much you can expect to spend on running the unit. Compare that cost with your monthly income, and decide whether it is feasible to get a larger hot tub (or to get one at all), 

The size of hot tub, you choose to purchase is entirely up to you. Take into account the various factors that we’ve mentioned above, or any others that you think of. Regardless of the size, you choose to buy, the hot tub experience from your home will help you relax and destress your entire body.

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