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Dr. Don, an artist in better shape than ever! Check out his new video clip “Save Me From This Flight”

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new video clip Save Me From This Flight

Dr. Don is one of Seattle’s most exciting artists. In his latest video clip entitled “Save Me From This Flight”, which we discovered thanks to music blog Slash Music, he decided to draw on his own experience to share a track about the fear of flying. With his unfailing musicality and infectious good humor, Dr. Don broadcasts his music into our ears and shares his vision. 

“Save Me From This Flight” is a heart-pounding song about commercial air travel and all the things we must endure as we embark on our trip”, says the artist via his Youtube channel, before continuing: “Harrowing scenery, all in good fun, is shown throughout the video, including a 747 landing in the ocean, a passenger cabin experiencing extreme turbulence, a pilot who has drank too much, a business executive throwing money around, and a jumper with a parachute exiting a plane in flight”. Dr. Don is inspired by some of the most memorable events to hit the headlines in recent times.

If you don’t like flying, you may have found the music to help you face your deepest fears! 

Seattle has talent in spades! 

This latest video clip shows that Seattle is a city of many talented artists. In fact, many of the world’s best-known bands and artists hail from Seatlle! These include Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Macklemore and Soundgarden, to name but a few. Suffice it to say, Seattle is a major player on the world stage. 

Find out more about Dr. Don

If you’d like to find out more about Dr. Don, you’ll find that he has his own extensive Youtube channel. Also, at the end of each of his videos, the artist usually takes the floor and exchanges with his community. It’s an opportunity to explain his music, to give an update on his career as an artist, but above all to give love with his emblematic phrase that concludes each video: “Dr. Don loves you”. Whether you’re a fan of pop-rock or simply a music lover, Dr. Don is a brilliant artist who is sure to make a name for himself. 

And if you’re a fan of pop-rock or just a fan of music, Dr. Don is a brilliant artist who’s sure to be the talk of the town. Further proof that heroes don’t always wear a cape! We leave you now, and invite you to join him on his Youtube channel so you don’t miss out on the rest of his musical adventure. Dr. Don still has plenty of great stuff to share with you. If you like, you can go straight to Youtube to post a little comment and lend the artist your support. 

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