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Drapery Cleaning Techniques you should Use to make your Home Elegant

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Drapery Cleaning Techniques you should Use to make your Home Elegant

Learning to clean drapes is a tough endeavor. Not everyone can clean drapes and curtains like a champion. In this post, we will provide a brief introduction of how you can make a difference to your home by following effective ways to clean drapes. Asking experts before doing something is more beneficial than try it yourself, however, our expects are Pro Sofa Clean are presenting you with the best tips to use the drapes cleaning methods.  

Care and maintenance of drapery and curtains is an essential task for improving the aesthetics of your home. So, let us get started. 

  • Steam cleaning for Drapes 

How many times you have seen people cleaning drapes with the right steam cleaning methods? Instead, it is often observed that drapery cleaning companies in Sydney start over with their hand held attachments to clean drapes. They tend to take drape cleaning process non-seriously while tackling drape cleaning when they are still handing. 

This method may work a little bit, but this method has a lot of problems because it does not work too well and effectively for your drapes. This method is only good when you want some surface cleaning of your drapes. The biggest mistake homeowners make is that they never ask drapery cleaning professionals what methods they are using for cleaning their stuff. 

The problem with drapes is that they are highly important and sensitive items hanging near your wall. So, if you let the piles of dirt keep pouring on them day by day, the dirt will be accumulated very quickly and in a large amount. That dirt will be found in behind where steam cleaning methods cannot reach effectively. Moreover, the implementation of steam cleaning on drapes when they are piled up with dirt is also dangerous one. How? 

When let upholstery cleaning Sydney Company professionals use their hand-held attachments to use steam cleaning on your drapes, injecting steam also further damages your drapes and increase their wrinkles. That turns their shape into a limp-shaped drape. Moreover, even if they apply vacuuming to clean drapes, it is not the most reliable action to remove dirt from drapes. The embedded dust cannot be removed that way but it might be a short-term remedy to clean your drapes without using deep clearing techniques. 

Dry Cleaning Techniques 

Dry cleaning your clothes and drapes are two different things. You just cannot hand over your drapes to traditional dry cleaners and think things will go exactly as you planned. Most traditional dry cleaners immerse drapes of customers in harsh fluids they use for their dry cleaning process. These fluids are used at higher temperatures which also cause your drapes to shrink. 

Moreover, using dry cleaning like you dry clean your clothes can be very dangerous for your drapes. This means you can expect to have significant fabric distortion. Moreover, in order to compensation caused by liquid immersion, drapes are stitched and pressed to attempt to restore original shape and form. But the fact is that drape materials are mostly delicate and they don’t stand well against the heating processes. 

Moreover, drapes made of delicate materials also cannot stand up to harsh chemicals. The result? Your fabric becomes degraded and you will not be using it ever again in the original form. Moreover, f the drapes include tassels, trim, silk, wool or have a blackout lining, they can be ruined with just one cleaning. So watch out when your curtain cleaning Sydney Company uses such methods to offer you drapes cleaning services that aren’t good for your precious assets. 

 Washing your Drapes 

Washing method has been used for ages to clean dirty clothes and curtains. However, when it comes to cleaning drapes professionally, drapes materials are not the same as your clothes. Some drape materials such as polyester sheers can be washed in water and soup. This is because such drapes have special labels that allow you to wash them in water saying “washable”. 

However, what many homeowners and ladies do not know is that most fabrics when immersed in water shrink. The washing process also creates more complexities such as fabric distortion and damage of drapes. This can happen just after you apply the first wash process on your drapes. So don’t wait till you wash your drapes in the water like a traditional cloth and watch it deteriorate quickly. Call the best sofa cleaning Sydney company professionals to clean your drapes harm-free. 

Pro Sofa Clean can make a difference to solve your problem because our professional drape and curtain cleaning Sydney Company is well-versed and experienced in cleaning drapes with 100% satisfaction and damage-free methods. We avoid initial damage to your drapes and stop additional damage if they are already in a vulnerable condition. 

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