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Dynamics of Different Office Chairs Explained

by M Sakhawat
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Taking office chairs for granted is something everyone does. However, you need these chairs in your daily life. Some parts will inevitably break, but you do not notice them until they stop working. Besides detracting from your productivity, they can seriously harm your health.

Modern office chairs come in diversified styles that can be adjusted according to the demands of various occupations and workplaces. Such chairs which are designed based on ergonomics are called ergonomics chairs

Here, you will examine the most popular types of chairs and how they perform in terms of ergonomics.

Types of Office Chairs at a Glance

Adjustable Chairs

The adjustable chairs, like ergonomic chairs, are specifically designed to encourage a neutral posture while you are working long hours at your desk. They also provide sufficient support. However, they cost a little more than other types of office chairs. But, it is beneficial for you in the long run since many of them are tailored to prevent conditions such as cervical spondylosis, back pain, and poor posture.

The Drafting Chair

Working as an architect or artist often requires standing. Having to stand for extended periods at a time is just as unhealthy as sitting for too long. The drafting chair is helpful in this situation. A drafting chair allows people to stand while working, sitting, and resting without interrupting their work process. They are available with drafting tables and standing desks or separately. The height of the chair makes transitioning from a sitting to a standing position easy. Besides supporting your back, upper and lower limbs, it also supports your body weight.

This chair is lightweight and easy to move. It may be available either with or without a backrest. This type of office chair is suitable for any office setting. They almost always have a foot ring attached to put your feet in. This adjustable height also allows it to be used with conventional desks because you can lower them.

Executive Office Chair

Office chairs are available in varied styles, but the executive chair is usually the most opulent. Upper management often uses these chairs, as their name suggests. There is a high back, plenty of cushioning, and the chair is typically imposing in appearance. A high-back chair is typically constructed of fine wood and natural leather, and the back, seat, and headrest are padded. 

There are varied types of office chairs available nowadays, and people often conflate ergonomic and other styles. People usually use upholstered executive chairs in PU or natural leather, with overstuffed seats and thickly padded armrests. They sometimes come with extra features like recline functions of massage heads.

Leather Office Chair

Leather office chairs are an offshoot of executive office chairs, and as their name implies, these chairs are covered in leather. Aside from their sophistication and ability to command respect, they are more expensive than similar chairs made from vinyl, mesh, and fabric.

Mesh Chairs For The Office

Those who sweat a lot at work will benefit from mesh office chairs due to their breathability. The backrests of the chairs are lined with this net-like fabric, and the seats are cushioned for comfort. Mesh office chairs are even designed with ergonomics in mind. They come with waterfall edges to enhance circulation and lumbar supports to minimise pain in the lower back.

Office Chair Selection

There are varied styles of office chairs available in this modern era. Most of these chairs are ergonomic chairs which are specifically designed keeping ergonomics in mind. Which chair to choose will depend on the kind of setting, how long you will spend in it, and your budget.

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