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Top 8 E-Commerce Marketing Strategies To Implement in 2021

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eCommerce Marketing Strategies


Here is the list of Top 8 E-Commerce Marketing Strategies To Implement in 2021

With the increased number of online stores, it is crucial to optimize your ecommerce platform for SEO for improved results and profitability. There are multiple marketing strategies that an ecommerce business can use to promote sales in 2021. However, here we are focusing on the top eCommerce marketing strategies that will help in gaining lucrative business growth – eCommerce Marketing Strategies 

SEO for ecommerce is essential to promote not only the visibility of the site but also attracting organic traffic. Other than that content curation, and video marketing is also important. Briefly, when you want to experience profitable growth for an ecommerce business, the marketing strategies should be a blend of multiple facets. 

Still, wondering which strategies to implement for an ecommerce platform? Go through this blog, and you will get your answer. 

Let’s explore the top 8 ecommerce marketing strategies together! 

#1. Make your ecommerce website mobile ready

While you are creating a user-friendly eCommerce platform, it is imperative to make the site mobile-ready. It is unpredictable which mobile device customers will use to access your online store; hence the ecommerce platforms must be optimized for responsive design and exceptional user experience across all devices. 

#2. Focus on the speed of your website and loading time

Website speed and loading time are critical factors when you want to augment SEO for ecommerce that determine the success or failure of an online business in the online marketplace. Ideally, your website must load in less than 3 seconds to reduce the bounce rate. 

Customers tend to buy from a website that has a good speed, performance, and user-friendly surfing experience. Besides, the improved website loading speed will help in boosting the SEO score for your ecommerce site. 

#3. Promote customer reviews in SERP

The more transparency your website offers, the higher will be the chances to attract organic traffic. Users tend to explore what others say about an online store before they make a purchase. Further, the mentions about your business by the users will affect the ranking on search engines like Google (which usually helps in boosting the visibility of your business). 

Thus, encourage your customers to give their feedback about the product they buy and the services they received in the journey. You can send surveys or ask them to write a review and promote the online visibility of your ecommerce store. 

#4. Use concise and well-written product descriptions

A clear and well-organized description of the products is a must to increase sales on your eCommerce store. An accurate description enables your shoppers to find the products quickly and easily. Also, it allows search engines to recognize and index your products accurately.

For instance, search engines like Google or Bing use intricate algorithms to compare content against keywords. So if your eCommerce website contains minimal product description, it might not be able to index correctly. Consequently, the users will not find the right product quickly. 

#5. Utilize long-tail keywords in website content

Using a long-tail keyword, you can drive more traffic to your ecommerce site. As the phrases cover the generalized term used by the users to search for a product, the long-tail keywords improve the chances of getting higher ranking results; as a result, more traffic.

Also, it enables brands to distinguish what can keep audiences interested in their products. The keywords also help the search engines to clearly understand what the page is about so that it can be displayed for the appropriate searched query. 

#6. Enhance your website navigation

Another essential factor to incorporate in ecommerce marketing strategies is to ensure flawless navigation. The user-friendly navigation and hierarchical content enable enhancing user experience and offer hassle-free shopping experience.  

With seamless navigation, you have an opportunity to enable your customers to find the products easily, along with letting the search engines index and identify new pages on your website.

#7. Improve Internal Linking

Interlinking boosts SEO score drastically, which eventually helps in getting higher visibility. The stronger internal liking also helps search engines to display the right product page for the searched query. Appropriate interlinking gives more authority to your website and boosts the rank of your website in search engines.

Moreover, if you focus more on internal linking of relevant products, categories, and resources, it will give users the opportunity to find multiple useful products (other than they have intended) and likely to improve sales. 

#8. Promote the use of video marketing

It is an excellent strategy to exploit the strengths of video marketing in your eCommerce strategy for 2021. Video content is much help these days, which enables users to understand the details effectively. You can create a simple text copy and get videos shot professionally. Build a network of influencers who can endorse your product.

All in all, you should try and then finalize the most compelling marketing strategies for your ecommerce business. Some strategies might show the desired outcomes, but some may not. It comprehensively depends on the types of products you sell, target audience, and geographical location you serve. 

Hence, it is advisable to run the strategies and track the results, then focus on practicing the best ones that fit your business requirement. Nonetheless, the above-mentioned marketing tactics are widely practiced by ecommerce SEO companies in delivering result-driven impacts. So, consider the strategies and expand growth for your ecommerce business. 

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Rakshit Hirapara is a content marketer at PeddleWeb, an internet advertising company in India. He holds spectacular skills in digital marketing, branding, lead generation, customer retention, and a few more. People can follow me on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

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