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Effective Ways to Make Your Area Rat-Free!

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Effective Ways to Make Your Area Rat-Free!

Effective Ways to Make Your Area Rat-Free. If you always see rats inside your house, you need to check where they are coming from.  Shut all the entry points with secure steel seals.  If you want to kill rats instantly then, put snap traps to places where they usually go.  After this, you should not see them anymore in your home, but if you can still see them running around your house, then that means you failed to do the first and second steps.

To avoid rat infestation, you have to do a complete inspection of the house’s interior. Find all holes, gaps, crannies and nook that they make to get inside.  Check gaps, even if they are just half inch, or quarter size of a hole, rats may be bigger than these halls, but believe me, they can sneak in even into tiniest spaces, that it may even amaze you.  With their sharp teeth, they can nibble or chew anything, so make sure that you fix holes and gaps with steel and metal mesh. Sealing your entire house is the best way to get rid of them if you cannot kill rats instantly.

It is only after you completely sealed out holes that you may be able to trap and get rid of them. Poison is not always a good idea.  The best one to use is the snap trap and is also considered as humane compared to cage traps.


In addition, keeping your house clean is very important.  As you may know, rats are dirty and they carry diseases with them.  Rats’ feces and urine may attract other rats to come to your house.  Regularly vacuum up the house and utilize some enzyme fogger to help clean the small spaces especially up in your attic and basements. Do not believe what others say about any effective repellent like powder, or spray.

Home rats stay in regular habitats while roof rats stay in trees.  There is also what is called Norway rats that live in burrows.  Though they live in burrows, they are attached to humans so they usually like to live in buildings and people’s homes.  They like places where there are sources of food. There are times food is really not the issue, they just wanted some shelter, and they can just go outside if they needed food to eat. Rats usually thrive in the attic.

Eliminate rats in cellar or basement

  1.  Begin with shutting down the entry points going to the building and then set out snap traps along edges and walls of your cellar and basement and keep them there until you are sure that every one of them is trapped.  Brown rats or Norway rats are usually the ones infesting the cellar space.  Rats can be tricky and for some reason smart.  However, when you sealed all their entry and exit point the will be very easy to catch.
  2. Eliminating rats in the shed or outdoor are a bit trickier since they move a lot, unlike some bam.  It is very important that you shut down all entry points. If you are not able to seal the entry and exit points then make sure that your place is always sparkly clean.  You have to keep the trapping program as long as the rats are not totally vanished.
  3. Getting rid of the rats in the ceiling, attic, walls and crawl space.  Rats in these places are usually the black rat or rattus which likes to roam in the upper part of the house.  Since you will not be able to put traps in the ceiling or inside the walls, you can just put them in the attic.
  4. Keep the garage free from rats.  This is not that difficult if you are able to seal all the entry points.  Check the bottom of the door, especially the rubber seal, Make sure it is still working, and replace it if it is already worn out.  Use a concrete rubber sealant to seal it off.  Next is to put traps where you see poo pellets from rats.
  5. Keeping rats from a trailer or mobile homes. You may think that it is quite a trick because the trailer is elevated.  Usually, rats find their way from underneath the RV.  It is still the same procedure to be followed, find all possible entry and shut them off with steel.  You may also get a steel mesh.  It is really effective.  Make sure that you seal all holes and gaps and set up traps to kill rats instantly.
  6. Eliminating rats on the roof.  You can just set up snap traps so you can catch them and prevent them from getting inside.  You are probably asking why they are on the roof.  Most of the time it is because there is an entry point on the roof that leads them inside your home.  You have to find the entry point right away so you can shut it off once and for all.
  7. Keeping rats inside the kitchen.  It is really gross if rats reach your food.  So make sure there is no entry point, once there is any seal it up.  Check behind the oven since rats like this place.  Set up snap traps behind the stove, freezer, pantry or refrigerator.  Any food that they already chewed on must be thrown away.  Do not ever use rat poison in the kitchen.
  8. Removing rats in the backyard.  This is the place where you cannot do much.  All you can do is just make sure that the area is clean all the time.   Remember that animals and rats live outside your home and that is where they really need to be.


A clean environment is really the key to making your home rat-free.  Make sure that the inside and outside of your home are clutter-free.  Good sanitation is very essential.  Make sure there is no food left open in the kitchen.  Place the garbage can far from your hose.  Clear the bushes and cut –off trees near your house.  These are the things you can do so that there will be no need for you to kill rats instantly.



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