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Effects of 4G on Mobile Battery Health

by Uneeb Khan
Effects of 4G on Mobile Battery Health

Since the beginning of the 4G revolution, a great number of consumers have had the same question in their minds. The users of smartphones need to realize that the length of the battery life on their devices is significantly more dependent on how they use their devices than it is on the underlying technology.

It is true that the LTE radio that enables 4G on today’s smartphones uses slightly more power than the 3G technology that came before it, but the overall advancements in both the hardware and software cancel out this difference. But these data bundles, specifically the Zong 4G Internet Packages and Ufone Internet Packages in Pakistan offer impressive speed and value for the price that one cannot resist. Smartphone processors have become more power-efficient over the years, and software features such as ‘Low Power Mode’ allow users to get longer battery life out of their devices, even when those devices are 4G-enabled.

How does your usage affect the battery life of your 4G phone?

There are a few elements that contribute to the fact that users of identical makes and models of 4G smartphones will nonetheless experience different amounts of battery life.

  • Battery life is decreased while streaming content like music, videos, and live feeds on a mobile device.
  • The battery life of your mobile device will suffer if you make frequent video calls or mobile data connections.
  • Using a 4G phone for gaming and other activities that increase the amount of time the screen is on will also decrease the battery life of the device.
  • There is a correlation between the use of certain features, such as Auto Sync and Auto Brightness, and a rapid discharge of the battery.

What are some ways that you can extend the battery life of your 4G mobile phone?

You may extend the amount of time that the battery in your 4G smartphone lasts by utilizing a few different strategies.

  • Use mobile data enable / deactivate toggle to conserve data and battery.
  • Turn off the vibration mode on your phone, or at least turn down the intensity of it.
  • Adjust the timeout on the screen to no more than 15 seconds.
  • If you do not utilize motion gestures very frequently (such as auto-rotate, etc.), you should turn them off.
  • Turn off the Google Now’s Always Listening, which enables the app to remain open and active in the background at all times.
  • You should disable the ‘Auto Sync’ feature for any linked email accounts you have.
  • Once your battery’s charge drops below the 50% mark, turn on the option that saves power.

Alternatively, if you do not like to make such a huge number of concessions, you may just purchase a 4G smartphone that has a greater battery capacity and a chipset that is more power efficient.

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