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How to Increase the Retention Rate of Remotely Working Employees

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The pandemic forced organizations to allow employees to work from a remote location. It is never easy to communicate and collaborate with someone in a distant location. However, the unexpected challenge arrived with the decreasing retention rate to some organizations-employees retention tips 

People switch their job for several reasons, but the drag of searching kept many loyal to their employers. However, a remote workplace provides flexibility to the employees to seek and appear for the interviews. The performance of business suffers in the absence of experienced professionals.

Here, we will discuss some tips for businesses to retain their employees working from remote homes or some remote location.

Warm Welcome 

The new members of your organization need a warm welcome to create a feeling of inclusiveness. Unlike other people, they cannot have the same opportunities to create a connection within the organization. Therefore, it is your responsibility to introduce them to their teammates and other related co-workers.

If possible, set up a face-to-face meeting with them before allowing them to work from a remote location. You can introduce them to the company culture, policies, and goals. Also, the key players in your small business may need a special introduction. 

A great way that some of the leading business organizations are now following is sending offer company gifts every time someone joins. This can be branded work-related things like a tee, stickers, flask, mouse pad and other items. If you want to come across as a thoughtful employer, you can add some COVID-19 care items from Gift Market to convey that you worry about their health and well-being. 

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Offer Mentorship 

The workplace culture should promote employee’s growth with a strategy in place. This should involve a mentor-mentee relationship between the juniors and seniors. It will help the young generations to grow their skillset with some guidance. 

The remote workers may not get the chance to meet and find their mentors in the workplace personally. You can ask the seniors to take the initiative if their schedule has some space in it. Moreover, ask them to contact you directly in case they need any help with professional life. 

Timely Payments 

The sole reason people are working with your organization is the paycheque they receive every month. An irregular payment schedule will only make them leave the job. Therefore, make sure their salary is credited on time regardless of the company’s financial condition.

You should hire more people based on proper forecasting, not some temporary new projects. You can take financial support from lenders to pay the bills during a financial setback. Many small businesses apply for loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor to maintain cashflow. 

Provide Feedback

An honest conversation about their performance now and then will keep the employees engaged and motivated. It acts as a support to the team when the results are not in their favor. You should ensure it includes constructive criticism with suggestions to counter the shortcomings. 

The top-performers should give self-feedback about the process and their actions providing self-evaluation sample answers to share their insights and strategies. It will help the other employees to replicate their success with the project. Also, you make them feel valued when their opinions are used for decision-making. 

Simple Communication

Simple and open communication is critical to managing remotely working employees. Any complications in the communication process will only result in them terminating the relationship in no time. There are numerous tools and software available for professional communication. 

You can allow the employees to have casual conversations through these channels. It will help with team building and create a bond between the employees. Ask the employees to use the same tools for communication and file sharing to avoid inconsistency. 

Incentivise Good Behaviour

Employers should have a strategy in place to promote good work ethics and top performances at regular intervals. You can use some incentives to motivate the employees. Moreover, it will be an additional benefit of working with your organization.

The additional efforts they put in will help increase your profit. Therefore, the cost will be covered with the additional profit the organization will make. If not money, you can offer them some coupons, discounts, or special appreciation in the scheduled meetings.

Less Micromanagement 

Management for remote employees is different from the regular offices with adjoining desks. You cannot keep an eye on them every minute. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you should get too intrusive with micromanagement.

Give them flexibility for managing the tasks allocated within the deadline. There is no need to feel concerned as long as productivity and quality are good. Your micromanagement will only make people annoyed and feel you don’t trust their abilities.  

Promotion Opportunities

Not every individual can spend years in the same position in the wait for a title change. You need to provide people with opportunities to increase their stature in the industry. It is not just a title change but a boost to motivation, loyalty, and dedication. 

You need to work on their personal development by offering them opportunities to upskill. Always try to fill the new openings with in-house talent. Also, feel no hesitation in discussing the future with the employees working in the same position for years. 


To sum up, your workforce requires some level of attention to keep a healthy retention rate. The remote employees are just as part of your organization, like the others working in the office. Therefore, you need to work towards creating a strong relationship with them and a feeling of inclusiveness in the organization. 

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