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5 Essential Bathroom Remodeling Tips You Should Know Today

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Bathroom remodeling is seldom given the same priority that is showered to the modification of the living hall or kitchen. However, what many people don’t know is that we spend a good amount of time throughout our entire lives in the bathroom.

In this article, let us talk about why bathroom renovation is a must and a few tips to help you along the way.

Why Bathrooms Remodeling Is a Must?

Grungy and old-school bathrooms make users feel absolutely icky. You might have also experienced it a couple of times. Congested space, dingy floors, and tainted surfaces give people not exactly an urge to use it. And this is precisely why you should remodel your bathroom to fit with the current trends.

Why Bathrooms Remodeling Is a Must

Using a classily remodeled bathroom makes users feel calm and composed. It makes your home feel complete. Remodeling your bathroom has a plethora of benefits. It gives one a relaxed personal time. It can also make you be proudly talked about in your community for having a great bathroom.

Let me present you with the essential bathroom remodeling tips that you should know today.

1. Discuss, Imagine, and Plan Your Remodeling

Now you’re ready by heart to start remodeling your bathroom. First things first, discuss with people who have already done the bathroom remodeling. It can help you get insights on the quality, budget, and possible red flags en route. As you know, past experiences always help.

Forbes quotes that the cost of bathroom remodeling ranges from USD 2,500 to 30,000.

Second, imagine what type of bathroom you should need. And just let your mind freely think about things your bathroom should have. It can help you answer crucial questions like should you choose a tub or a shower, the type of mirrors, and the color of the tiles. After this, you should have envisioned a cognitive layout of your remodeled bathroom.

The next tip before remodeling your bathroom is to plan how to make that mental layout come real. While planning, keep a special note on your budget. Keep in mind not to relocate the essential and difficult-to-move items like faucets. Relocating such fundamental elements will increase the cost and make the budget dear.

2. The Tub Versus the Shower Debate

Changing your tub or shower is a crucial measure you will encounter as you remodel your bathroom. The tub versus the shower debate dates back to the 19th century. 

While remodeling your bathroom, it is always a tug of war in the mind to choose which over which. Worry not, and let me help you with this. Pit the pros and cons of one against the other, analyze and decide.

While showers can give a good bathing experience, it requires high maintenance and is quite immotile. They leave almost uncleanable rusty stains and have leakage concerns.

Bathtubs, on the other hand, don’t have such issues. Tubs add a sense of luxury to your bathroom. Few tubs can be placed anywhere and are flexible. Also, a bathroom with freestanding tub looks more vast than usual as it occupies less space. 

The Tub Versus the Shower Debate

Features like jets, whirlpools, and ergonomic design for the safe bathing of children, give tubs an edge vis-a-vis the showers. Consider and pick wisely.

3. Let More Light in With Right Lighting

Dark bathrooms make people feel like being in a dungeon. Because of this, most of the masses don’t prefer it. Inadequate lighting gives a negative feeling to the bathroom and may lead to bathroom accidents too. So, the lighting in a bathroom is a paramount factor in its comfy use. 

You can use both natural and artificial lighting for your bathroom. Natural lighting makes your bathroom look ampler than regular and cuts your power bill. On the other hand, artificial lighting can give your bathroom some delightful, unique, and cheerful colors.

Add large windows high in the wall or skylights to allow ample natural lighting to your bathroom. Use more reflective objects like tiles, mirrors, and polished cabinets. I will talk about using mirrors aptly towards the end of this article.

Let More Light in With Right Lighting

For artificial lighting, use vanity lights, LEDs, or ceiling lights. They do come in different models. Choose the correct model based on your preference, planned layout, and a bit of your creativity.

Lighting is as good as the type of tiles you use. Let us discuss how tiles should be in your remodeled bathroom.

4. Proper Flooring Beget Perfect Bathrooms

Flooring in the bathroom has no shortage of options, from lavish wood to elegant tiles. You should always prefer the durability to the beauty of the flooring. Ensure the flooring is not delicate.  

To remain more prolonged and stringent, choose a hardy flooring based on the daily footprint numbers and ambient wetness.

While hex tiles are affordable, baseboard tiles are enduring. While the porcelain tiles are stylish, Zellige tiles are resilient and glossy. Sheet vinyl flooring has superb waterproofing capability. An added advantage of choosing tiles is that it reflects the incoming light and keeps the bathroom brighter. 

You can also think about adding a heated floor system to beat winters. Flooring can be done at a competitive price between $1500 to $4,500. Keep these in mind and adhere to the budget and blueprint before choosing your bathroom flooring. 

5. Secure Adequate Ventilation

Ventilation is the most crucial but most underrated zone the builders consistently look aside while building a bathroom. While attempting to use all the available space in the bathroom, a proper ventilation system takes a backseat.

Secure Adequate Ventilation

Inadequate ventilation makes the bathroom smell horrible. The steam during the bath spoils the materials inside the bathroom. Adequate ventilation prolongs the life of the bathroom. Use fitting elevated windows and an uncongested outlet to push out the air inside.

Also, you can use solar exhaust fans with sensors and timers that are timely, simple, effective, and efficient.

Wrapping Up

You have seen the essential tips for remodeling your bathroom, from how to plan it to what type of flooring to use. This list is not exhaustive. You can add more mirrors in the bathroom while remodeling to get a wow experience. 

You can stick pacifying wallpapers to obtain a relaxed feel. For getting extra storage, add floating shelves in the cabinets and mirrors. 

Very few chose to remodel their bathroom. In this era of bathrooms turning into a de-stress room, bathroom remodeling always helps.

I wish you a stroke of good luck in remodeling your bathroom.

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