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Everything you need to know about the PEMDAS rule

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Everything you need to know about the PEMDAS rule

In the subject of Mathematics, there are different rules. There are rules for higher-order mathematical operations such as calculus, algebra, etc. There are rules for elementary-level mathematics such as arithmetic operations. PEMDAS rule is one such rule. PEMDAS is the abbreviation for Parenthesis Exponents Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction. This rule is used as a thumb rule for solving problems where more than one arithmetic operation is present.

Methodology of simplification

The order of operations should proceed accordingly.  For instance, we consider the following two situations:

  • Aarav was given the expression 6000*5+2 to solve.
  • Bikram too was provided to solve the same expression as Aarav.
  • Aarav fetched answer as 30002.
  • Bikram fetched the answer as 60000.

As evident from above both of the guys got different answers. But the point is why? The answer is both of them using different methods. Aarav followed the PEMDAS rule while Bikram didn’t. According to the PEMDAS, rule multiplication comes before addition. So we can conclude Aarav’s answer is correct.

Comparison between BODMAS and PEMDAS

BODMAS is the acronym for Bracket Of Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction. If we go along the line of comparison between the two then we can observe that the only distinguishing factor between the two is the presence of the “Exponential” factor in PEMDAS. This makes the BODMAS rule vulnerable in the case of algebraic operations but works just fine in the case of most of the arithmetic operations. Whereas the PEMDAS rule works glib in algebraic operations as well as arithmetic.

Rules to consider while using PEMDAS

According to the name and full form we see that these are nothing but rules written for operation is the correct order.

  • Operations enclosed within brackets should be executed first as they take the topmost priority in PEMDAS.
  • Then calculation or solving of exponents takes up priority in the list.
  • Further multiplication is to be carried on with in the process.
  • Then division takes precedence over left processes.
  • Then comes addition in the operation procedure.
  • At the end of the whole process, subtraction takes place.
  • The order of carrying out operations should be from left to right.
  • Thus the answer is obtained.

Most common mistakes

The most common topic of mistake is where multiple brackets are used. Brackets such as large, curly, and small often tend to create unnecessary confusion. To steer clear of such confusion one must always follow the rule of operating on brackets in order starting from small then curly and then at the end large bracket should be dealt with. Following this thumb rule decreases the scope of committing errors by leaps and bounds.

Learning PEMDAS

PEMDAS might seem quite tricky by both its name and nature. The learning experience can be quite intimidating for beginners and they might feel perplexed. But Cuemath has got the back of those beginners. With its fairly simple teaching method, it becomes very easy for beginners to absorb knowledge and know the ways and means of PEMDAS.

Importance of PEMDAS

The most primary purpose of PEMDAS can be witnessed in topics where exponential expressions are involved. As BODMAS can’t be used in those cases so a different rule was of paramount importance. With the introduction of PEMDAS, the provision for exponential factor also came into existence and thus the void left empty by BODMAS came to be fulfilled by PEMDAS. This eased mathematical operations in fields such as arithmetic, algebra, calculus, binomial, etc. Such vast is the importance of PEMDAS in mathematics.


Upon retrospection on the facts and details mentioned above about PEMDAS. It can deduce that usage of PEMDAS cannot be neglected as it has a very important role in shaping the very foundation of elementary maths. Also, it fills out the void left by BODMAS to accommodate the exponential term.

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