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Exploring the most authentic name labels for clothing

by John Milton

Genuinely, name labels for clothing are a self-adhesive roll comprising of a white printable film and a clear super high tack adhesive on its surface and back respectively. Overall, these name labels for clothes are made up of soft material and the strongest glue to ensure that they do not fall off once they are attached to the soft clothes or the cloth tags.

Unveiling different types of name labels for clothing

Essentially there are three kinds of name labels for clothing. The prime one is an iron-on name label, which is fixed through high temperature on a cloth tag. Next, is the stitched one, which can be effectually stitched on the cloth using needles and threads, and eventually, there is a stick-on name label that utilizes adhesive to directly stick on the surface of the cloth or a cloth tag.

However, concerning the printing methodology, the name labels for clothes are divided into self-adhesive stick-on clothing labels, which are further divided into oil-based and water-based ink printing materials highly used for clothing labels.

Nonetheless, the new kind of name labels for clothing are made up of professional self-adhesive name label material, and it is constituted of a printable white natural softy vinyl film assimilated with an excellent high tacking washable adhesive besides a 2PE release liner.

The unique features of name labels for clothing

The newly designed name labels for clothes can instantly stick to bags, shoes, and almost on all kinds of clothes tags. These innovative labels are highly waterproof and can withstand washing and drying more than thirty times. Moreover, these eco-friendly cloth name labels are assimilated with recycled paper liners making them free from any sort of curling. 

The name labels for clothing can be swiftly and effortlessly cut into any desired shape by an interested user with the help of a cutting plotter. These unmatched name labels besides clothing can even be used on plastics, cartons, cups, and other surfaces. These irresistible name labels have meticulously passed the four main safety materials certifications.

Furthermore, the novel name labels for clothes are equipped with many crucial peculiarities from ultrahigh adhesion, to being safe and non-polluting. These stick-on clothing labels can be stuck on smooth as well as flat surfaces like office stationery, identification of an item name, classification of a document, etc.

How to quickly and securely order name labels for clothes

The best and the most secure way to procure name labels for clothes is online by simply accessing K2. They are considered the most trusted choice since they are assimilated with varied MOQ standards for different products.

It is important to be noted by an online buyer of name labels for clothes from K2 that the minimum order quantum is thirty rolls. Additionally, they support the sample service and welcome customers from any part of the globe to test their products.

Their staff is instantly contactable via email or their salesman can be contacted directly for any query about the products. For more information on name labels for clothes of K2 one can click here.

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