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Factors to consider when selecting a quality Hepa air purifier for home

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Factors to consider when selecting a quality Hepa air purifier for home

It could be that you are now planning to replace your existing air purifier to buy a new hepa air purifier. This is indeed a good decision to escape the long, unbearable summer heat. When selecting for a good quality and highly efficient air purifier, do take into consideration several essential factors. HEPA filtration and ACH ratings are two vital tones to consider.

Factors to consider selecting the best hepa air purifier for home

  • Avoid investing in a noisy unit: Cheap air purifiers are found to make lots of noise, thus not allowing you and your family members to have good night sleep. This can be avoided by selecting hepa air purifier for allergies that makes very little or no noise. Experts suggest noise at full speed should be less than 70DB.
  • Consider room size: You need to take into consideration your room size. It is not just possible to choose any type of air purifier unit for any room. There are available different sized units meant for different sized rooms. You should consult the representatives and seek their assistance to select the best hepa air purifier for pets. A small unit is not likely to function to the optimum in a big room and vice versa. Therefore, considering the unit size will be crucial.
  • Check certification; Domestic products claims to control allergens effectively. But the truth is that most claims are filled with exaggerations just to promote sales. Hence, check thoroughly product certification to make well-informed decision. Go through reputed portals like https://www.unbeatengroup.com/ to shop for a quality air purifier. The products sold through them are said to undergo numerous tests to confirm that they are able to filter out and eliminate harmful particles as claimed to be.
  • Check HEPA filters: Hepa air purifier for dust is considered to be special due to their ability to eliminate 99.99% of allergens present in air inside the home. Besides this, some of them are created to purify foul odours and gases. Such portable HEPA air purifiers have in them activated carbon filters besides HEPA filters.
  • Buy portable HEPA air purifiers for home that helps avoid Ozone Emission: There are available cheap air puffier that continuously generate ozone while filtering indoor air. It is necessary to understand that ozone is harmful for the human respiratory system. Hence, such units are better avoided.
  • Higher ACH rating: It is considered to be an exciting credit rating that you need to follow. It specifies the number of times, air is filtered within an hour’s time in the room. Hence, invest only in portable HEPA air purifiers for office that has higher ACH rating. They are also highly efficient. Experts recommend buying units with maximum 4x rating to avoid allergies and asthma. These units are considered to be much faster, have the ability to purify indoor air numerous times in an hour’s time.

Remember to Buy portable HEPA air purifiers that requires very little maintenance.

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