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Fantasy Sports Experience – Growth, Trends, Tips, and Tricks

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Fantasy Sports Experience - Growth, Trends, Tips, and Tricks

Fantasy Sports Experience – Growth, Trends, Tips, and Tricks. Fantasy application is a rapidly growing industry, while in India, it is still in the developing stage. Having said that, fantasy cricket has witnessed multifold levels of increase in growth in the last couple of years, thanks to the craze for the game.

According to the numbers, one in every three sports fans is playing fantasy sport or at least aware of the concept. Such is the growth of fantasy sport in India in recent times.

One might be a hardcore cricket fan but to win in Dream11 or in any other fantasy cricket, one needs more than that. You need to be aware of conditions, pitch behavior, and most importantly, how the fantasy points system works among others.

So, it takes different skills to know all these. Even if you are sure about your team, nobody can be 100 percent right here because of the involvement of luck. However, you can get the skills part right by following us.

What is fantasy cricket?

Fantasy cricket is an online-based game where you get to pick your own eleven players from the available 22 real players in a particular match. It is about picking the perfect 11 who can grab you more points so that you would end up beating your rivals’ fantasy team. Fantasy cricket is not about creating a “balanced” team but a team that can grab you more points.

There are different applications like Dream11, My Circle11, Fan Fight among others. Each fantasy cricket application works a bit differently and has its own USP while the basic rule of everything is to create your ideal 11.

In all these applications, you will come across matches that aren’t regular domestic or international matches. At times, the apps do cover tiny leagues. Thus, you need to be aware of the happenings in the cricket world to dominate your rivals.

Getting Started:

The first step is to find the right app that you want to download. There are a lot of applications out there and Dream 11 team prediction is the most famous and oldest of all. In order to download the app, you need to visit their website and click on the “Get app link”. The link will be sent to your mobile and from that, you can install the application by clicking on ‘install from unknown sources’.

Playing your first game:

After installing the application, you will be asked to sign up which you can do either by giving your number or through other social media login. After completing the process, you will land on the homepage which will have the upcoming matches’ list.

You need to pick any of them, now create your team based on the available credit and then join any of the available contests, sit back, relax and watch your players perform.

Tips and Tricks for winning:

Fantasy Sports Experience, Winning in fantasy cricket needs more skill, patience, and a bit of luck. You need to do at least basic research to know about the players and their current form before entering into any cash contest as you shouldn’t be wasting your money.

Here are a few basic tips-

-Don’t play all the available matches but only those where you are aware of the players, conditions and are confident enough to win it.

-Since there are a plethora of matches available, one shouldn’t be investing all their money in a single contest because you might end up on the losing side. Instead, you can go for small leagues of multiple matches, which increases your chance of winning.

-In Dream11, it is more about knowing the right players and not about building a balanced team. One can win with more batsmen or bowlers here rather than a “balanced” team.

-For the starters, go with the leagues that have small investments or entry fees and practice more before investing more money.

-It is always better to join small leagues with 2 to 4 rivals or simply the head to head leagues because the chance of winning is more.

-For Grand Leagues, make sure you make multiple teams because the chance of winning with a single team isn’t safe.

-Join the contest at least before five hours from the match so that you can plan according to the injury updates. Make sure to check the app right after the line-up announcement to see if all the players are playing.

-While selecting teams, make sure to fill the team with marquee players and risk with a maximum of two players who are relatively unknown.

-Make your marquee player as the captain and in most cases, it is good to go with all-rounders who will be batting as well as bowling their quota as they can grab us more points.

-You should keep in mind to know about the current form of the players and the players’ weakness or strength against a particular opponent.

-Try to learn more about the players by following the matches as well as the fantasy tips provided by different experts. You can also do your own research for international and major domestic matches on different sites like ESPN Cricinfo.

The benefit of playing fantasy cricket

-It is a good exercise for your cricketing brain and will allow you to watch the match from a different perspective.

-While you can enhance your cricketing skills, you will also learn more about the players.

-You can also end up winning cash prizes.

Fantasy Sports Experience!

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